A common use for extensions is to set a default value for a data layer variable. This requires setting the value of a variable – but only if it does not already have a value. In this step you will use the Set Data Values extension to set page_name to the value of a built-in variable named document title – but only if page_name does not have a value.

Use the following steps to add this extension:

  1. In the sidebar, select iQ Tag Management > Extensions.
  2. Click + Add Extension.
  3. Under the Standard Data tab, click + Add next to Set Data Values.
  4. In the Title field, enter Default Page Name to identify your extension.
  5. In the Scope field, keep the All Tags - After Load Rules (default) default value.
  6. Under Configuration, apply the following settings:
    • Use the drop-down list in the Set field to select the Page Name variable.
    • In the To field, select Variable.
    • In the variables drop-down list, select document title.
    • Under Condition, click Add Condition.
    • Use the drop-down list to select the Page Name variable.
    • In the next field, use the drop-down list to select is not populated.

That's it! Your extension is configured. This extension ensures that if your data layer does not contain a value for the page_name variable, then the value of document title will be used instead. This is just one example of an extension. Be sure to explore the other extensions.

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