The first step in creating your data layer is to add a variable. In this lesson, you will add a bundle of variables named "Base Variables" that are common variables on most sites. Specifically, this bundle includes a variable namedpage_typethat will be used throughout this guide.

Follow these steps to add the variable bundle named "Base Variables":

  1. Navigate to Data Layer.
  2. In the upper-right, click + Add Variable and select Add Common Variables.
  3. In the side panel, under Standard Variables, select Base Variables.
  4. Click Import This Bundle on the upper right of the window.
  5. Click Close to close the window.

getting-started-iq-data-layer-basics-variable-not-saved.pngNotice how the new variables are marked with orange asterisk (*). The color orange indicates unsaved changes. Don't worry about saving yet, we will save all of your work in the final steps.