This part of the guide requires that you have access to alter or add code to your website.

Now that you have some basic tag configuration saved and published in your account, let's learn about the two components of installing the Tealium tag management solution: utag_data and utag.js. Both of these components should be installed on every page of your website.

  • Universal Data Object (UDO) – utag_data
    The utag_data JavaScript Universal Data Object (UDO) contains dynamic data from your web page. The UDO passes that data to the Tealium tag. This object must be populated with the same variable names you define in the Data Layer screen of iQ Tag Management.

  • Universal Tag – utag.js
    The utag.js JavaScript library is the Tealium Universal Tag that replaces third-party tags with a single snippet of code. The utag.js file contains all of the generated code necessary to load the tags you've added in iQ Tag Management.

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