Publish environments provide separate instances of the Universal Tag (utag.js) so that you can install one for your non-production environment and one on your live production site. Using separate instances allows you to test changes before releasing them directly to your production site.

For example, your production site will be coded with the file corresponding to the Prod environment:

Your non-production sites (QA/Stage) will be coded with the file corresponding to the QA environment:

When you publish changes from iQ Tag Management, the files in the respective publish environments are regenerated to include your new configuration.  It typically only takes a few minutes before the new files are available on the CDN and can be tested on your site.

There are three default publish environments:

  • Dev
    An environment for developing new tags and features.
  • QA
    An environment for testing and validation.
  • Prod
    The environment of your live production site. Changes published to Prod will be public-facing.

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