As you add, edit, or remove items from your configuration, the Save/Publish button will turn orange to indicate that you have unsaved changes. The drop-down displays a summary of the unsaved changes. To view or modify a change, you can hover over the change and click the item.


To save your changes, click the Save/Publish button to display the save dialog.


Choose one of the following save methods:

  • Save
    Changes are saved in the current version. You cannot revert to previous revisions of this version.
  • Save As
    Creates a new version with a new title and preserves a copy of the previous version, allowing you to revert as needed.

We recommend using Save As in most cases for the following reasons:

  • You have the ability to roll back your changes to a previous version.
  • Requiring a title gives each version a unique and descriptive name.

It's a good idea to save often. If you're just making small, incremental changes, then choosing the Save option can help avoid clutter in your version history.

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