Data mapping is the configuration needed to send data from a data layer variable to the corresponding variable of the vendor tag. For example, a vendor might collect page name information in a variable named pName, but your data layer contains this value in the variable named page_name. To send the value of page_name to pName, you use a data mapping. Once the data mapping is configured, the value from the data layer variable will always be passed to the vendor variable when that tag is triggered.

Use the following steps to map variables to fuel your new tag:

  1. Click the Google Analytics tag you just created to expand the available options.
  2. Under Mapped Variables, click Edit.
  3. Click the Variables field, and select page_name .
    You can optionally begin typing in the variables field to narrow your search.
  4. Click + Select Destination.
    The mapping toolbox displays.
  5. Click Title as the destination variable. This is the vendor's variable name.
  6. Click Done to return to the tag configuration dialog.
  7. Click Apply.

That's it! The Google Analytics tag is now configured to pass the value of page_name from your data layer to the title variable.

Great job, you are well on your way! Now that you have successfully configured your new marketplace tag, click Next to learn about extensions and how to use them.