Tag Basics: Add a Tag

Tag Basics: Add a Tag

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This lesson will use Google Analytics as an example tag, but you can add any tag. If adding your own tag, it will be helpful to reference the vendor's code snippet or implementation guide during these steps.

Use the following steps to add a tag:

  1. Navigate to the Tags tab.
  2. Click +Add Tag in the upper right.
    The tag marketplace displays.
  3. Type Google Analytics in the search bar (or any vendor name), find any Google Analytics tag and click +Add.
    The tag configuration window displays.
  4. In the Tracking ID field, enter UA-12345678-1 (or your own tracking ID if you have a Google Analytics account).
    TiQ Getting Started_Add Google Analytics Tag.jpg
  5. Click Finish.
    Your first tag now displays in the list of tags on the Tags screen.

You're coming along great! You now have a basic data layer and your first tag. Click Next and we'll set up a load rule to determine when and where the tag will be triggered.