The Code Center in iQ Tag Management is where you get the code to install the Tealium tag management system on your pages.

Use the following steps to try it yourself:

  1. Go to the user menu at the top-right of the screen and select Code Center.
    TiQ_Code Center_Prepend utag.js path with https.jpg
  2. Find the universal data object (UDO) code sample that looks like this:
    <!-- Tealium Universal Data Object -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var utag_data = {
    page_name : "",
    page_section : "",
    page_category : "",
    page_subcategory : "",
    page_type : ""
    The variables in the UDO should be populated dynamically by your web application framework, but for this test you can hard-code values.
  3. Copy this code and paste it into the HTML after the <body> tag of a test page on your site.
  4. Next, find the universal tag code that looks like this:
    <!-- Tealium Universal Tag -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
  5. Copy the code and paste it into the HTML after the UDO code.
    This loads the Tealium tag asynchronously into the page, which will prevent blocking other assets from loading.

    If you copy this code, you must change your_account to your actual account name. Otherwise, use the code from your Code Center that contains your account, profile, and environment.

Once your test page is saved with the Tealium code, it's time to test. Click Next to learn about using the Web Companion tool to validate your installation.