Web Companion is a browser tool to help validate your installation. Launching this tool will quickly verify that the utag.js tag is loading properly on your site.

To install and use the Web Companion bookmarklet:

  1. In iQ Tag Management, go to the user menu at the top right of the screen and select Web Companion.
  2. Click and drag the Web Companion button to your browser toolbar to create the bookmarklet.
  3. Navigate to your test page and click the Web Companion bookmarklet.
    If your code is working, the Web Companion window will display on the page like this, with the following information:
    • Account – your account name (as coded in the path to utag.js)
    • Profile – your profile name (default is "main")
    • Version – the name of the version of utag.js loaded
    • Environment – the publish environment loaded (as coded in the path to utag.js)
    • Last Published – the publish timestamp of utag.js
    • Tags – a list of tags loaded

    You can load a different target environment just by clicking the button of the desired environment in Web Companion. This will dynamically load a different utag.js than what is coded in the page, which can be helpful for testing quick changes.

  4. If Web Companion doesn't load, double-check that you are testing a page that has the Universal Tag coded in it. Also check the browser console for any syntax errors that might be preventing the code from running.

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