To prevent creating multiple data locations, which can cause difficulties when maintaining the UI and data, it is Tealium best practice to roll the data from each client-side profile into the server-side main profile. There are a number of benefits, including a single data location, a single server-side profile to configuration new attributes, connectors, etc., and a single Visitor Profile across markets and/or regions. 

From here, Data Sources and Event Feeds can be used to filter the data accordingly.

Steps to point a client-side profile to the server-side main profile:

  1. In each client-side profile, confirm the Tealium Collect tag is updated to the latest version
  2. Update the Tealium Profile tag config to be main
  3. Save and publish the changes to the desired environments
  4. Run a Trace to confirm the data is being ingested in the server-side main profile as expected


When does it make sense to not roll data into the server-side main profile?

It would make sense to not roll data into the server-side main profile if a client would like to keep all data between markets and/or regions completely separate from one another.  

Important Note:

To ensure full functionality, contact your Customer Success Manager about submitting a Data Source Sync for each client-side profile. A Data Source Sync automatically creates Event Attributes for any Data Layer items added in the client-side profile that have been published to Prod. This helps cut down on manual configuration within the server-side profile. 

Helpful Links:

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