This article describes how to use the Tealium Tools version of Web Companion.

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How it Works

This version provides a more accurate status of iQ tags, load rules, and extensions that run on a page.

Resource URL

Add this tool to the Tealium Tools browser extension using the following URL:

Using Web Companion

When loading the tool, a status screen displays with information about the utag.js installation detected and which tags, load rules, and extensions were active on the page.

The status information includes the following:

  • Path – the path of the utag.js file in the format of "account / profile / environment"
  • Version – the iQ version name 
  • Timestamp – the version and published timestamp from utag.js (available from utag.cfg.v)
  • Published – a localized time period showing when utag.js was last published

Each tab displays a counter for the number of active items on the page. The following example displays 13 Tags, 10 Extensions, and 9 Load rules.


Tags are sorted by the Tag UID found in TiQ.

The status of a tag will be one of the following:

  • OK – Tag has loaded and fired
  • Loaded – Tag was loaded, however the send function was never called.
  • Failed – Tag was requested, but failed to be brought to the page.


The extensions report is limited to the "All Tags" scope. Tags display in order of execution and show a runtime status of "Completed" or "Failed", as shown in the following examples.

Load Rules

Load rules display by status, "Fired" or "Not Fired", and then by the Load Rule ID. Load Rules that "Fired" are listed first.

Event Notification

Once Web Companion has loaded, a handler is created and any further tracking requests create a Chrome notification containing the event called: 'Tealium Tools TWC - "event"' with the following message body:

'Event fired by: "domain of site"


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