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The Tealium mobile solution combines the power of a native library with the same scalable and high performance infrastructure that powers iQ Tag Management. The Tealium library is added to a native app and tracking calls in the code are used to collect important user activity in the form of event data.  This data is then relayed to your vendors either through browser delivery or cloud-based delivery.

The vendor configuration is managed remotely through iQ Tag Management and is hosted on our Multi-CDN. An app with the Tealium library installed will regularly check for these configuration updates and adjust its behavior accordingly. 

Supported Features 

Tag Management

Tag Management uses an unrendered webview to load the Tealium JavaScript library which allows it to run identically to the standard desktop web solution. This means tags that would otherwise be deployed to a desktop website can be repurposed for mobile tracking. Tags configured in this way run client-side where the tracking requests are sent directly from the device to the vendor.

Some Tags, such as those used for Display Ads, may not work as expected in the mobile environment.

Tealium Collect (AudienceStream and EventStream)

Tealium Collect uses direct HTTPS requests to send data to AudienceStream and EventStream Connectors.  This approach ensures a light weight footprint in your app by omitting the webview and leveraging the power of AudienceStream to connect with your marketing vendors.

Learn more about the Tealium Collect HTTP API.

Next Steps

Check out the guide for Creating a Mobile Profile to get started on your mobile solution. From there you can follow the detailed installation guides for your platform of choice: