The following document applies to all Tealium Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Over-the-Top (OTT) platform supported libraries (SDKs):


  1. Why only Cloud Delivery support
  2. IoT & OTT Libraries



- Cloud Delivery enabled account

- Relevant device developer access 


1. Why Only Cloud Delivery supported:

 Mobile_ Utag vs Collect.pdf

Tealium IQ requires a browser, webkit object, or combination of processes that can handle HTTP calls and JavaScript processing.  Many IoT and OTT devices currently on the market do not have the capability to process the JS component without substantial burden being placed on these devices. 


Not all IoT devices can process JavaScript but all can make HTTP calls, so only Collect SDKs will be made at this time.


See Tealium's Collect vdata endpoint for reference.


2. Tealium IoT & OTT Libraries: