To integrate the Tealium-Windows Library:

  1. Build .dll
  2. Add to Project
  3. Initialize
  4. Track Events
  5. Run Simulator
  6. Sideload Device
  7. Additional Info
  8. Version History

0. Requirements

  • Windows 10+
  • Visual Studio Community 2015+
  • Tealium AudienceStream account (consult your Tealium Account manager)

1. Build the Tealium .dll:

a. Open the TealiumUWP folder: TealiumUWP.sln.

b. Build the solution:


2. Add to a Universal App Project:

a. Add Reference: TealiumUWP.dll:


b. Change Property: Copy Local: to False for the TealiumUWP dll reference and the TealiumUWP dll refere in your app project:



3. Initialize:

a. In the Project's App.xaml.css file:  add import header: using TealiumUWP:


b. Initialize the singleton:

// Sample
Tealium.Initialize("yourAccount", "yourProfile", "dev_qa_or_prod", TealiumLogLevel.DEBUG)

4. Track Events:

Track any events that occur in the app such as button clicks or lifecycle.

// Basic track call

// With optional data
Dictionary<string, string> data = new Dictionary<string, string>();
data.Add("someStringKey", "someStringValue_or_stringifiedArrayOfStrings");
Tealium.Track("event_name_with_data", data)

// With callback function pointer
public void someFunctionToCallBack(bool c){
// ... code here
Tealium.Track("event_name_with_callback", data, someFunctionToCallBack)


5. Running Simulator

a. Set application to build and deploy:


b. Compile and run:


6. Sideload onto a Device

a. Resolve any certificate requirements:

  1. Double-click Package.appxmanifest
  2. Select 'Packaging' tab
  3. Click on 'Choose Certificate'
  4. Select the 'Configure Certificate' drop-down
  5. Select 'Create test certificate' (or other valid certificate)
  6. Create password if needed
  7. Click 'OK'



b. Create App Package:

  1. Right-click Project: Store: Create App Package.
  2. Select 'No' to upload to Windows store.
  3. Make sure 'Generate app bundle:" is set to 'Always'
  4. Click 'Create'
  5. Note location of output folder


c. Load onto device:

  1. In a browser, navigate to: http://<device_ip>/AppManager.htm
  2. Select 'Apps'
  3. +Install app: App Package: select the .appsxsymbundle
  4. +Install app: Dependency: add a dependency for each dependency file in the Dependency folder
  5. Select Deploy: Go to load the app on to the device



7. Additional Info

5. Version History:

1.0.0 (current)