In this situation, we will be using the the universal track call: Tealium.track(Object,Map<String,String>,String). In each fragment, override the onResume() event with the following code:

//import com.tealium.library.Key;
//import com.tealium.library.Tealium;

public void onResume() {
  • is a convenience function for creating Map<String, String> objects.
  • Key.SCREEN_TITLE is a String constant with the value "screen_title", you may use what ever key here in its stead.
  • Tealium.EVENT_NAME_VIEW describes the data as a view call.

Now in order to filter out the auto-tracked view events, we should filter them out using the Mobile Library Manager Extension:


This filter will suppress any auto-tracked view events from being sent off, and our manual calls will be sent off in their stead.

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