Certain analytic services, such as Google Analytics, offer their own native SDKs and have created specific profiles to read from them.  This document will guide you through the process of setting up your Mobile App property with Google Analytics and Tealium. 


Configuration in Google Anaytics

  1. Follow the instructions found in the link below to set up your mobile Google Analytics property:

Configuration in Tealium

  1. Login at https://my.tealiumiq.com and select Tealium iQ Tag Management from the ribbon. 

  2. Go to the Tags Tab then find your Google Universal Analytics tag. Click on the tag. 

  3. ​Enable "Track Screen Views" in your Google tag configuration. Enabling this functionality allows Google to track the content that visitors viewed using an app. To enable "Track Screen Views" select the "Edit" button in the upper right hand corner of the "Tag Configuration" box.
    Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 4.33.21 PM.png
    Next select "On" in the dropdown then click on Data Mappings.

  4. Find your UDO variable screen_title in the drop down, select it then click on "+Select Destination". If you do not have a screen_title UDO variable you'll need to create one. Learn how to create a data layer variable in Tealium here: https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/Tealium-iQ-Tag-Management/Data-Layer-Variables/ta-p/9427#toc-hId-...

  5. Map your screen_title UDO variable to "Screen Name". Select "App / Screen Tracking", then "Screen Name" then finally "Close".

  6. Select "Apply"

  7. You should now see that "Track Screen Views" is now on and your screen_title variable is now mapped to screenName.
    GUA mobile.png
  8. Save and Publish your work.

Advanced Data Mappings for Google Universal Analytics

As you can see in the below screenshot, App / Screen Tracking has more than just the screenName variable. 


These Tag destinations can track various configurations of the app (short for 'application') used by visitors primarily for viewing content.

Variable Description
screenView Identifies the type of hit as screenView
appName Name of the app rendering the screen
appId Identifier unique to the app
appVersion The version of the app
appInstallerId Identifier of the app installer
screenName Name of the screen viewed by the visitor
Exception Description This provides a description of the exception

To learn more about Google Universal Analytics Advanced mapping, please follow the link below: