Tealium offers pre-built plugins for several popular CMS platforms. A Tealium CMS plugin installs the Tealium Universal Tag (utag.js) and Universal Data Object (utag_data) on every page of the site with just a few clicks and configuration settings.

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How It Works

A CMS plugin implements the following parts of a successful Tealium installation:

Explore the Tealium Wordpress Plugin Setup Guide for an example.

Data Layer Bundles

A data layer bundle in Tealium iQ Tag Management is the list of corresponding variables generated by the CMS plugin. For example, an e-commerce CMS will automatically populate product and order variables in the data layer. A Tealium user can quickly add these variables to their account configuration by adding the related bundle.

Learn more about CMS data layer bundles.

List of Tealium CMS Plugins

A Tealium plugin is available for the following CMS vendors:

CMS Links
Adobe CQ Github
Adobe Experience Manager Github
Drupal Drupal Module
Episerver Github
Hybris Github
IBM Websphere Github
Magento 1.x Github
Magento 2.x Github, Magento Marketplace
Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) Github
Shopify Github
Sitecore Github
Unity Github
Wordpress Github, WP Plugin Page