A new version of the Tealium Wordpress Plugin has been released today. There are a number of new features and improvements from the original release that I'll cover in this post.

Simplified Tag Configuration


Previously users were required to paste their entire Tealium tag code into their Wordpress dashboard. This was a bit clunky so I've simplified this down to three fields for account/profile/environment.

The original textarea for pasting in code has moved into advanced settings and is still supported as a means of adding Tealium to your Wordpress site. Any existing users who upgrade to version 2.0 shouldn't experience any issues.

Advanced Settings


The interface has been improved by splitting things up a bit with tabs and improving the layout and formatting of the fields.

Users who provide account/profile/environment details can take advantage of a number of new features:

  • Tag type: quickly switch between the sync/async version of the Tealium tag code.
  • Synchronous file: add the utag.sync.js file to your Wordpress site.
  • Cache buster: add a cache buster for authenticated content editors. Warning - although useful cache busters can cause issues when debugging as break points will be lost between page reloads.

Data Source Bulk Export


Building on the concept of the import wizard the plugin now features a data source export feature. A CSV is created that contains the basic Wordpress data sources (the same data you get from the wizard) along with a list of all the defined custom fields and post meta data that can be found. Essentially everything that might eventually be used as a data source.

The new version is available now from the Wordpress plugin directory or by installing/upgrading straight from your Wordpress dashboard.