This article shows how to update to the latest version of utag.js.

Before You Begin

New versions of utag.js can change the way your implementations work. As such, be sure to read the release notes before you upgrade and always back up your previous version of the utag.js (as per this tutorial) to ensure you can revert your changes in case something doesn't work as you expect.

You need the Manage Tag Templates permission to update a tag template.

Upgrading the Tag Template

Step 1: Go to Manage Templates

From the user admin menu, select Manage Tag Templates.

Step 2 : Select the 'uTag Loader' in the drop-down

The utag.js tag template is listed as "uTag Loader" in the template list:


Step 3 : Delete the Template

Important Note : Before you do this, ensure you keep a back-up of this version of the loader in case you want to roll-back to the previous version. Copy it to a text file on your desktop or save it somewhere online as a backup.

Click on the trash icon in the top-right to delete the template:


It will ask you whether you want to do this and recommend you back it up. Make sure you do back it up! 

If you have customised your loader template you will lose all modifications - you'll need to add them again yourself when the template is regenerated.

Then click Save Version Template. Learn more about Profile Template vs. Version Template.

Then save and publish your profile and you will be using the latest utag.js!