The JSON-controlled Remote Commands feature requires a JSON file for each Remote Command, in place of a TiQ tag. Previously, a Remote Command tag needed to be configured in TiQ in order to use a Remote Command, but now there is the choice to use a JSON file instead. This does away with the need for TiQ/webview, which may improve the overall performance and memory footprint of the app.

Currently, there is no UI support for JSON-controlled Remote Commands, so the JSON files must be built manually. To make this process easier, and to make it simpler for existing users of Remote Commands to migrate, the mobile team has built a Tealium Tool that can export the config of existing Remote Command tags.

Installing the Tool

Add a new custom tool, and enter this URL in the "Add By URL" field:

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Navigate to the profile in TiQ containing the existing Remote Command tags. Once loaded, open the tool, and press the "Export Remote Commands" button. A JSON file will be generated and automatically downloaded for each Remote Command tag discovered in the profile. 

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If configuring Remote Commands for the first time and you don't currently have any TiQ-based Remote Commands, the tool may still be used as a convenient way to generate the JSON files for the Remote Commands you wish to use. Simply add the tags to use in TiQ, configure the mappings as usual, and then run the export tool. The tags don't need to be published.


  • The exported files will contain placeholder values, denoted by <<chevrons>> that must be replaced with real values, such as API keys.
  • JSON files should be manually reviewed against the mappings configured in TiQ. There will be some differences, due to the fact that some of the Remote Command tags have some internal JavaScript mapping logic that converts certain mappings into a different name, e.g. the Facebook Remote Command tag internally converts "order_id" into "fb_order_id". The tool handles this during the export process by maintaining a hardcoded list of these known variations, but it's possible that there may be some of these mappings that have been missed, or that future tag updates could introduce new mappings that aren't yet available in the tool. If you have any doubts, please contact the Tealium Support Team.
  • Only a limited number of Remote Command tags are currently supported. The tool will require future updates if new Remote Command tags are released, so be aware that the tool may become outdated. Please notify Tealium Support if you find any discrepancies.
  • The tool doesn't work with the "Custom Remote Command" tag
  • In using this tool, please make sure to understand these limitations first. We recommend the export process is performed by a member of the Tealium Support Team so that they can work closely with you and make sure the exported file is correct before being added to the app. 
  • Only "Active" remote commands will be exported. They don't need to be published, but they do need to be in the "Active" state (toggled "On" in TiQ).
  • Remote Command tags must contain the keywords "Remote Command", or they won't be exported. This applies only to the marketplace name of the tag, not the custom name provided by a customer.

Future Updates

The mobile team will endeavor to keep the tool updated, but there may occasionally be delays where the marketplace tags are updated before the tool is updated. Please reach out to Tealium Support if you need an urgent update.

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