5 Core Benefits of Tealium AudienceStream


The Tealium AudienceStream™ real-time data action engine enables you to build a universal 360-degree customer profile to better influence and engage visitors in your web or mobile channels in real time. AudienceStream leverages the richest source of real-time, first-party data to help you deliver more relevant and timely interactions, thereby improving loyalty and conversions and creating new opportunities for growth.




Maximize existing relationships

Drive smarter interactions with customers who are in your web and mobile channels right now.



Increase campaign effectiveness

Easily discover and target high-value audience segments.



Boost site conversions

Deliver more personalized content and offers that inspire your customers to take action.



Lower customer acquisition costs

Stop targeting low-value audiences who are less likely to convert.



Automate your marketing

Create rules and triggers for marketing action based on real-time audience behavior.




Qualifying Questions



Please describe your strategy for personalizing the interactions with your visitors?

NOTES: This tells you if they value personalization in general. Some places have given up on this or just gone to a black box vendor like Monetate or Optimizely.

What behavioral information would you like to understand about your visitors?

NOTES: Do they have analytics deficiencies? Some marketing organizations have given up on analysis because it’s not actionable this question may expose this.

In what ways are you leveraging multi-channel event data to improve your marketing?

NOTES: Are they sensitive to the challenges of understanding customers across channels / devices? Do they recognize that their customers may act differently on different devices?

Please describe any BI or Big Data initiatives you have in place or planned for the near future?

NOTES: If they have one of these in place they may be trying to create more personalization or marketing action.

How are marketing automation, remarketing, or targeted communications done today?

NOTES: So are they trying to take action based on the knowledge of their visitors / customers?


How are you taking action on your data?

NOTES: Many companies will fall into the latter. Taking action is often expensive, complex, and prone to failure.