Core Benefits of Data Access


Build a more customer-focused and responsive organization

Rich, multichannel interaction and visitor profile data delivered in real time.



Enhance your enterprise data investments

A powerful source of customer data primed for use with best-in-class business intelligence tools.



Close the gaps in your customer insights

A source of data that expands with your evolving business requirements.





Key Differentiators 


Leverage new or existing BI/EDW and visualization solutions

All the data available through this service fully complies with industry standards. Use best-in-class industry-leading data warehousing, visualization or reporting software to complement, not disrupt, your existing company initiatives.



Flexible consumption choices

Raw visitor interaction data or visitor profiles can be consumed via stream, download, or hosted database.



Absolute data ownership

DataAccess is an open platform that lets you access your data in a variety of industry standard formats.



Correlated from inception

You can take full advantage of your customer data without the time consuming, inaccurate, and resource-intensive data integration processes that were used in the past.





Qualifying Questions



Does your company have a corporate data warehouse for marketing data?

NOTES: Most enterprise prospects have some sort of data initiative, where they keep this data. Sometimes for simple historic archiving sometimes for more strategic initiatives.



Please describe the types of business intelligence, data analytics, visualization or data mining tools you currently have.

NOTES: If they are trying to learn more about their customers, they are likely trying one or more of the above systems. This indicates how much value they place on this type of information.



Are you currently gathering data collected through tags on your site from your vendors?

NOTES: If they are buying data back from their application vendors it is probably delayed and challenging to correlate with other vendors.



Describe the process and timeline for gathering key marketing data from your vendors.

NOTES: This should get them to admit that there are delays in getting the data and if their IT staff has discussed it they may be aware of the headaches associated with correlation.



How is this data being used today?

NOTES: This should also help you understand the importance placed on this data. Is it strategic, or seen more as a backup/archive.