5 Key Benefits of Tealium iQ

 The Tealium iQ tag management system delivers highly strategic benefits across the organization. Here are five core benefits:


Faster vendor deployments

Launch your mission-critical solutions faster than ever before through an intuitive web interface. No more manual coding.



Increased productivity

Manage your vendor tags and key data points on the fly to help boost productivity across departments.



Improve web site performance

Boost page load speed and increase conversions through Tealium’s superior multi-CDN architecture.



Reduce costs

Free up valuable marketing and IT resources for other strategic projects.



Improved data governance

Deliver better privacy controls for consumers, while beefing up data accuracy and security.






Qualifying Questions



  1. Please describe what types of digital marketing applications you employ on your site.


    NOTES: Most enterprise sites employ between 15 – 50 vendor tags. Therefore this question is a bit of a softball if they are truly an enterprise site.  



  2. Which tags are most valuable to your operation and why?

    NOTES: This should invoke some sort of visceral response. Most marketers will feel strongly about some vendors either good or bad. This is a great opportunity to tout the huge number of tags supported by Tealium iQ.


  3. Who manages changes or additions to tags on your web properties?

    NOTES: This will begin to expose the usual strained relationship between marketing and IT organizations.

  1. What is the process for getting a new tag or making a change to a tag in your company?


    NOTES: This should fully expose the challenges faced by most marketers who need to cut through all the red tape to get their campaigns going.




  2. How would you improve your marketing initiatives if you could make changes to tags faster?


    NOTES: This is a test to see if they can imagine a better situation, and whether they recognize the business impact of the broken process that they currently follow.




  3. Has a tag ever impacted the performance or usability of your site?

    If they have experienced this type of crisis they will never want to experience it again.