This exercise will walk you through some basic Extension Use Cases for sandbox accounts. To complete this exercise you will need a sandbox provisioned for you by your Channel Enablement Manager, after which you’ll have access to Tealium IQ, as well as the URL to access the sandbox site.


Extensions are a feature we created that allows you to Create and/or Modify Data Sources, as well as Compliance, Workflow, Event, Tracking, and just about everything beyond the base deployment (UDO, Load Rules, Tags). For a review of all the aspects in the Extensions tab, see: We also STRONGLY advise you read the Extensions Series, which shows you each Extension and a sample usage scenario for it:




Lookup Tables – Consolidate Tags


We previously setup 2 Criteo OneTag tags to cover the Category and Product pages. Likely for a real site we would have also created one for the Cart and Search pages as well. And while 4 tags aren’t the end of the world, if we were managing multiple sites under one Profile, and we needed different Account values for each, we are now talking about 4x the number of sites managed. This can get unweildy and error-prone. To combat this we can use Lookup Tables to pass the Account, as well as the Event Name, fields to the tag dynamically, and then just use one tag across the entire profile.


Go to: Training Exercise: – Tag Consolidation



Persist Data – Affiliate Credit


We haven’t setup any Affiliate tags yet, but we’ll do that in this exercise, as well as build out rules to only fire it on the Checkout page IF that Affiliate was the referring party (aka, Last Click model).


Go to: Training Exercise: – Affiliate Credit



Set Data – Catalog Correction