In just about every eCommerce, or catalog/database-based, site we’ve seen data that is incorrect. This could be as benign as a typo in a name, or as bad as incorrect SKU/ProductID/Price. Having this data incorrect could lead to actual revenue lost; or incorrect offsite targeting, which leads to negative brand association. While we wait for the Catalog information to be corrected – which can sometimes take days – we need the ability to correct it at least in the data that is being sent to our vendors for action.


This exercise will walk you through some basic Extension Use Cases for sandbox accounts. To complete this exercise you will need a sandbox provisioned for you by your Channel Enablement Manager, after which you’ll have access to Tealium IQ, as well as the URL to access the sandbox site.




Set Data Extensions


Tealium IQ makes it very simple to correct for this scenario with our Set Data extension. We will use the Set Data extension to modify the values of: Product ID, Product Name, and Product Price under the condition of the the offending SKU matching.



  • SKU:  12345
  • Product ID: Undefined
  • Product Name: Placeholder Name
  • Product Price: $0.00


  • SKU:  12345
  • Product ID: NB_Zante_1
  • Product Name: New Balance Men’s Zante Running Shoe
  • Product Price: $129.00




Setup your Set Data extension as follows: