Tealium integrations activate your data in real-time. Explore these server-side and client-side integrations.
Client-Side Tags
Browse the list of client-side vendor integrations.
Server-Side Connectors
Browse the list of server-side vendor integrations.
Tealium for Pharma
Browse the list of Tealium for Pharma vendor integrations.
Tealium Identity Partners
Use identity partner solutions to enrich profiles and better target customers.
Technology Concepts

Tealium is built upon technologies that enable data to flow from any source to any destination. Learn about these capabilities and what is happening behind the scenes.
The Data Layer
The Data Layer is the foundation of your Tealium solution and will serve as the one true definition of your data across all digital assets and customer interactions. The data layer comprises all of the various data elements that will be collected across your site and the visitor interactions and events that will be tracked.
The Customer Data Hub
The Customer Data Hub is a single approach to collecting and managing data and making it available to every customer touchpoint and marketing technology vendor in real time to fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights.

Discover implementation guides and tutorials for the various platforms that Tealium can be deployed on.
Install in your native mobile app.
Internet of Things (IoT) and OTT
Install on your connected devices and applications.
Install Tealium in your custom application with these language libraries.
Popular Integrations
Guides to our most popular vendor integrations.
Additional Resources

Find training and docs with code samples to help guide you through installations.
Follow our step-by-step guide to Tealium iQ API implementation here.
Tealium Tools
Need help debugging a tag or figuring out what is in your UDO. Then you've come to the right place.
Looking for in-person training on Tealium products and services? Look no further. Learn more now.