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Less Truncated Text and Longer Names in UI

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Submitted by loldenburg a month ago - last edited Monday Submitted by Community Manager
The Tealium iQ and UDH interfaces are full of truncations (truncating text = lazy designers!), so many places where UDO variable names are simply cut off and that makes working in it a pain. I mean, what is a designer thinking when truncating stuff like this:
Another case where it always hurts are the AudienceStream connectors where lazy truncation rules as well (see the 8 variables down there that all start similarly, but in the interface no difference can be seen?). Thanks for forwarding this to your designers to have them do their UI tests with realistic (long, e.g. W3C-like) variable names. And don't tell me we should use different naming conventions. UX should not force you into non-ideal Naming Conventions.
And it is no "nice to have" thing, it REALLY costs me more time every day and it causes more errors because so many times we took the wrong variable by accident.
I know another company where a designer, every time he wants to truncate text, has to ask his boss first. Truncation is a sin in most cases, please stop sinning! Your users will thank you.
2 weeks ago

@loldenburg - have you added this to the Product Ideas board?  I also have similar issues.  Another option is to use shorter variable names, but that's no longer realistic.  


I think at least a hover which shows the entire variable name should be possible.