Re: Make Search useful

Make Search useful

Status: Being Considered
Submitted by Prolet on ‎01-15-2018 07:10 PM - last edited on ‎01-16-2018 01:15 PM Submitted by kathleen_jo

Right now Search is very limited. Finding anything within TIQ is burdensome. Search should be able to search within any parts of the platform including:

  • notes
  • lookup tables
  • JS extensions
  • Tag options
  • Name of tags, rules etc

Search should be available on atab level and on uber profile level. Ideally we should also be able to easily filter by search within tabs instead of trying to overutilize labels.

There are other places where search can be beneficial like load rule assignments to tags.


Status: Being Considered

@Prolet I agree, it would be much nicer if the search found any value within the tags, rules, or extensions. Thanks for this idea.

by Community Manager
on ‎01-18-2018 03:00 PM - last edited on ‎01-18-2018 03:10 PM by kathleen_jo
Status changed to: Being Considered

@Prolet I agree, it would be much nicer if the search found any value within the tags, rules, or extensions. Thanks for this idea.

by mijohnson
on ‎03-26-2018 04:06 PM

I second, third, fourth, ... this suggestion! My team has hundreds of extensions and manually opening/closing each one looking for a particular variable gets old really fast.

by kathleen_jo
on ‎03-26-2018 04:11 PM

Good to hear @mijohnson. Please do vote for this idea, and have others vote for this idea by clicking on the orange heart (heart-open.png) and further commenting on this idea. I shall archive your other idea because this one has a much better chance of being moved along to development. 

by mijohnson
on ‎03-26-2018 04:14 PM

Great, thank you :) 

by kathleen_jo
‎03-26-2018 04:15 PM - edited ‎03-26-2018 04:15 PM

My pleasure @mijohnson. And keep the ideas coming. We love to hear from you!

by BenStephenson Contributor
on ‎04-17-2018 02:49 AM

Also being able to search by a UID would be good, rather than just by a name.  I can see a particular extension calls utag.view with UID 42, but the tags in the profile are not in numerical order and it's a pain to find them.

(I appreciate I can use Cmd-F and use the browser search, but it would be nice to stay within Tealium rather than using the browser)

by Community Manager
‎07-17-2018 02:59 PM - edited ‎07-18-2018 08:26 AM

Attached is a UI mockup of a filter input combined with the filter drop down. Feedback and futher discussion about filtering is welcome.


Example of search preformed...


by kathleen_jo
on ‎07-17-2018 04:52 PM

Hello @Prolet@BenStephenson@JohanAlm@cgullestrup@Christopher_M @daniel7 @martin_vinter @abrahameaso. What do you think? pointing-up.png

We look forward to your replies!  

by kathleen_jo
on ‎07-17-2018 04:56 PM

 Hello @jameskeith @calebjaquith @ruipedromachado @adrian_browning @jmbolfing @mijohnson and @PhillipMarquez. We also want to hear from you! What do you think? pointing-up.png

by PhillipMarquez
on ‎07-18-2018 09:33 AM

Thanks for keeping us in the loop on these interesting submissions @kathleen_jo!

I agree 100% here.  I rely heavily on my own familiarity with our tags and extensions when something comes up and I have to hunt something down, but I'm not the only one building and editing these, so quite often I'm opening and closing tags and extensions to search for specific items.  Just a couple days ago I really could have used the option to search through all extensions for a variable name -- someone else added their own code in an extension that overwrote a DL variable I needed -- I knew this because I could move my extension to the bottom of the list and it started populating with valid data.  Having the ability to search through the extension contents for all extensions would have saved a lot of time.

I know, you want to say "wait, you could have just gone to the data layer tab and viewed that variable to see where it's referenced" except you can't if it's being directly modified in a "JS Code" extension...

A hypothetical scenario that could easily be a pain is renaming a DL variable -- it'll update everywhere except in a JS Code extension.  Or what about the fact that JS comments are cleaned in published versions, so a team that liberally uses comments (without worrying about anything being in production) could easily search their entire tag/extension base knowing that their comments will make finding abstract concepts more easily than trying to remember an exact variable name or a bit of code that is unique(ish).

I'm sure there are tons of real world scenarios that could be made easier with the ability to do full context searches.  Ideally, it'd be great if we could set flags for the level of search desired -- maybe a set of checkboxes to search at the code level for the tab, tab level in general (perhaps forms and form fields), global forms and fields and global code level.  Why the two types (code and forms)?  A simple form level would be fast and easy for finding the basics and most likely what is desired 90% of the time (be it tab or global) - why muck up the quick and simple search with every reference to a keyword from withen templates and/or JS code extensions?  But when I need to get every reference to a term, be it in a template, extension or even version commit notes... "code level" would be a huge time saver.

All that being said, I obviously and wholeheartedly say this is a suggestion that is well worthy of attention.

You guys are doing an awesome job - it's been fun and exciting to see these suggestions make their way from submission to implementation, it shows the commitment you guys have to your user base.