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Only using the browser language to determine which language version the prompt should show is not sufficient for clients that use one language in more than one country. For example we use German in Germany (locale de_DE) and Austria (locale de_AT) but visitors of both countries would see the same prompt with the same privacy policy URL (custom parameter) but they'd have to be different/country-specific. Otherwise we are going to send Austrians to the German privacy policy page and vice versa.


when satisfying GDPR data requests, currently the visitor JSON information can be displayed and deleted, but involves manual work to download.

In order to eliminate manual mark/copy/paste-work, it would be great if you could implement an enhancement:

  • * When Using the Visitor Lookup Tool in AudienceStream and displaying the resulting JSON structure, a "Download JSON" button should be made available
  • pressing the download button should cause AudienceStream to push the displayed JSON data structure as a download to the browser, so that it can be added to our answer to the requesting user without manual cut'n'paste.

By the way, thanks for that tool, that does help a lot!

Best regards,


Status: Acknowledged

 Hello @michael_sievers. Thank you for the idea. With GDPR so close is nice to see further enhancement requests to the tools. I have moved this to Acknowledged

Allow to edit cookie domain when doing an AudienceStream Trace via browser plugin.

This can help users with multiple subdomains to not have the trace interrupted

Tamed Beast T-shirt or polo shirt

Status: Maybe Later
Submitted by mitchellt Contributor 3 weeks ago

I'd like to get a t-shirt or golf polo shirt with the @tamedbeast on the pocket or sleeve!

Status: Maybe Later

OMG @mitchellt I love this idea! I am going to mark it as a Maybe Later for now. I really want a shirt of my own! LOL


- User 1 logs in to AS, starts making changes on V1

- User 2 logs in 10 minutes later, starts making changes on V1

- User 1 publishes its changes with all its hard work, V2

- User 2 publishes changes, but these are changes on V1, so when user 2 publishes V3, it will overwrite everything from V2 from user 1

A simple merging system would be nice, and that only starts complaining when 2 versions have conflicting changes.

Currently we workaround this by having a chatgroup in which somebody says they are going in and out of AS, so you know when you can and can't use it, bit medieval...

Status: Acknowledged

Hello @Sander. Love it. We have a merge feature in iQ Tag Management but nothing for AudienceStream. I have moved this idea to Acknowledged

Quite often we need to change tag templates to be able to run them with function.

Except that we don't really touch tag templates. It would be great to be able to add support for


directly from configuration menu (see attachment)2018-02-08 13_42_11-Tealium iQ - Tag Management.png

Status: Acknowledged

Hello @daniel7. Thank you for the idea. It looks like you have quite a few fans of your idea. I have moved this to Acknowledged

I recently encountered a situation where there was a UDO variable referencing a Javascript variable that does not always get defined on our site.  Tealium however seems to always try to load it and throws the following exception when it's not defined.  Currently the exception is only displayed when UTAG debugger is running.   Please consider checking if variables are defined before attempting to reference. them.


Status: Acknowledged

Hello @hipatel. Great idea. Thank you for submitting. I have moved this to Acknowledged

Git/Github integration

Status: Being Considered
Submitted by oaustegard on ‎01-18-2018 12:16 PM - last edited on ‎01-18-2018 04:25 PM Submitted by Community Manager

As a product owner, I enjoy the flexibility that Tealium provides, but do not like that the development and deployment proces bypasses all of our Software Development Best Practices. To aid in this I would like to be able to integrate Tealium directly with Github so that code is backed up, pull requests can be made, code can be reviewed, and tests written and executed, as with other JavaScript deployed on our web pages.

Status: Being Considered

@oaustegard This is a good idea. It's amazing to see how advanced the integration needs have become for the iQ release process.

It would be useful if the conditions of extensions could allow custom JS (which will return true of false)

For example

I am currently refactoring a load of custom JS extensions that someone has written which are just setting data objects.  I am changing them to be Set Data extensions.  However a few of them have conditions based on things like regex or some piece of content scraped from the page, which I can't easily replicate in the conditions on a Set Data extension.

Being able to select a "custom JS function" from the drop down and enter an anonymous function which returns true/false would help.

I appreciate this is quite a technical thing, and many users wouldn't know how to use it, but for people who know how to use JS it would be pretty useful.

Status: Acknowledged

Oh  my @BenStephenson. How'd I let this one slip by me?!?! I have moved this to Acknowledged. Great idea!

Diff checker when merging two versions

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by psanchez 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago Submitted by Community Manager

It would be great if some text enrichment is applied to the merge versions overlay when it comes to merge a change on a JS extension, so you can easily see what changed:


PS: The image above is just an example I quickly made up for submitting the idea, probably it is not functional code.

Status: Acknowledged

Got it @psanchez! I have moved this to Acknowledged and added my vote for it as well! 

GDPR: Deletion tool for visitors

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by Aberger on ‎04-13-2018 02:08 AM


I read your paper about your efforts to provide a Deletion-API and UDH-Tool for deleting user data for people wanting to be removed from Tealium databases. For more automation it would be great if you could develop an onpage tool which reads your Cookie and in the following calls your API for deleting the requested data on behalf of the user. I think this should be a better way instead of having the user to look for its own personal identifier.


Kind regards,



Status: Acknowledged

Ah okay got it @Miwo. Thank you for the further explanation. I have moved this to Acknowledged

Extension for adding/overwritting mappings

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by daniel7 a month ago - last edited a month ago Submitted by Community Manager


we use intensively libraries which inherits settings to profiles., for example Adobe Analytics is configured globally.


We see that sometimes we would like to add specific mapping just for the profile. It would be great to be able to do this with ready extension, currently, it requires code like: = {
            "brandAndCountry": "prop1,eVar10",
            "qp.tid": "eVar1",
            "errorCode": "prop20,eVar4",
            "errorCode:mmb-upcoming-booking-error": "event61",
            "pickUpFullDateAndTime": "eVar21",
            "dropOffFullDateAndTime": "eVar22",
            "lengthOfRental": "eVar23",
            "siteSearchTerm": "prop24,eVar13"


Two more thoughts:

1) the best would be to have the same graphical mapping toolbox, but lookup table for the beginning also would be nice.

2) it would be great to have an option of deciding if added mapping should overwrite existing ones (if exists) or not



Status: Acknowledged

Great idea @daniel7. I love the programming logic for overwrite as well making an easy to use graphic interface!

Thank you for the idea and I have moved this to Acknowledged

Duplicate extension between profiles

Status: Being Considered
Submitted by rune_a on ‎01-11-2018 03:22 AM - last edited on ‎01-17-2018 10:12 AM Submitted by Community Manager

A simple option to duplicate an extension to another profile(s).

This is not possible today  - and that is a strange limitation.
To prevent failures, the extension can just be disabled by default when duplicated to other profiles.

extension dublicate.png

Status: Being Considered

@rune_a Thanks for this idea.

Better UI for Mapping variables in separate Tab

Status: Being Considered
Submitted by rune_a ‎01-11-2018 03:16 AM - edited ‎01-18-2018 03:57 AM

Today the actual UI for mapping datalayer to tag in TiQ seems as one of the weakest features. It's in a small modal, with no sorting options etc.


Optimal this was in a tab, with the option to show multiple tags at the same time, sort on columns, batch edit etc. This would provide a much better overview than today.

(Quick mock based on exsisting UI)


It can also be included in the Data Layer tab, where it already shown if a parameter is mapped to a tag, but it does not show the details. 

Status: Being Considered

Love this idea @rune_a. And it looks like I am not the only one. I have moved this idea to Being Considered

Proper text editor for Javascript extensions

Status: In Development
Submitted by bjoern_koth on ‎01-09-2018 03:04 AM - last edited on ‎01-09-2018 12:40 PM Submitted by Community Manager

The title says it. The text editor is more or less useless.

13 lines of code visible, no resizing of the editor window

Some sort of distraction free text editor that spans most of the visual area would be great.

Status: In Development

Hello @bjoern_koth. Thank you for submitting this idea. It is already in development. We will notify you when this idea is delivered. 

Profile Overview Tab in TiQ

Status: Being Considered
Submitted by rune_a on ‎01-11-2018 03:09 AM

TIQ is built around tabs (myIQ, Data Layer, Load Rules etc)

But profiles are only to be selected from a tiny dropdown list, with no added meta-data.

For me a optimal feature would be a "Profiles" tab, with columns of meta-data, as also shown under "myIQ". And option to group profiles by type, business unit etc. Columns can be many but should include tags, variables, extension, users, last publish (dev,qa,prod)

Case: We have +40 profiles today (with many still missing), and are planning to add +20 App profiles in the near future. We will probably end up with 75 to 100 profiles. We really need a easy overview with stat on usage, last publish etc. 

Based on current UI i have made a quick mockup. The UI element is already there in the other tabs.


Status: Being Considered

@rune_a You're on a roll. Keep the great ideas coming!

Multiple Label Filtering in TiQ

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by pauld on ‎04-02-2018 01:06 PM

It would be tremendously helpful to be able to filter items by multiple labels instead of one in TiQ, similar to the functionality now avalaible in AudienceStream. I am the admin for a TiQ instance where tagging is done on multiple websites, using different marketing pixel types and from different marketing agencies.

A significant amount of time could be saved by being able to filter multiple labels like the following example:

  • by Site AND Doubleclick AND Agency123
Status: Acknowledged

Hello @pauld. Excellent idea. I love it! I have moved your idea to Acknowlegded

List out all active extensions in Web Companion

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by TracyAu on ‎04-19-2018 07:39 PM

Dear all,

It is a pity that Web Companion is a useful tool but it can only list out active extensions scoped with "All Tag" only.

Please help to study the fesibility to let Web Companion show all active extension instead of just those scoped with "All Tag" only, as this feature is very important for users, and Web Companion will become a much more helpful and useful tool with this feature. And I really hope Web Companion will be more and more powerful.

Although I don't know if anyone would take this idea into consideration, I am thankful for anyone who try to view this post and notice my idea, thanks a lot !


Status: Acknowledged

Hello @TracyAu. Thank you for adding this idea on the suggestion of @adrian_browning. Much appreciated! Hope you had a great weekend and I've moved this idea to Acknowledged

Wrap Template Variables (##*##) in a string

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by rhanes on ‎03-12-2018 12:01 PM

Background: We are working on improving the stability of custom javascript we are deploying through Tealium. We have many of the extensions in various npm packages to allow us to unit test the scripts,transpile, run a webpack build and then copy / paste the output into Tealium.

This process is working great so far with the exception of templates. We are only managing the Multi-Opt out template this way due to the heavy customizations we have made but Tealium templates use values like ##UTTAGSOPTOUT##. I know these types of values get swapped out as Tealium does its compile process but since these values are not valid for JS variable names node/unit testing frameworks/linters/webpack (pretty much all dev tools outside of Tealium) break when encountering these values.

It would be great if these values were strings like '##UTTAGSOPTOUT##' and then the compile process could replace the string, as string replacement is a very common approach in this type of situation.

Status: Acknowledged

 Hello @rhanes. Excellent idea. I have moved it to Acknowledged

Make Search useful

Status: Being Considered
Submitted by Prolet on ‎01-15-2018 07:10 PM - last edited on ‎01-16-2018 01:15 PM Submitted by Community Manager

Right now Search is very limited. Finding anything within TIQ is burdensome. Search should be able to search within any parts of the platform including:

  • notes
  • lookup tables
  • JS extensions
  • Tag options
  • Name of tags, rules etc

Search should be available on atab level and on uber profile level. Ideally we should also be able to easily filter by search within tabs instead of trying to overutilize labels.

There are other places where search can be beneficial like load rule assignments to tags.


Status: Being Considered

@Prolet I agree, it would be much nicer if the search found any value within the tags, rules, or extensions. Thanks for this idea.