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Make Search useful

Status: New
Submitted by Prolet yesterday - last edited 7m ago Submitted by Community Manager

Right now Search is very limited. Finding anything within TIQ is burdensome. Search should be able to search within any parts of the platform including:

  • notes
  • lookup tables
  • JS extensions
  • Tag options
  • Name of tags, rules etc

Search should be available on atab level and on uber profile level. Ideally we should also be able to easily filter by search within tabs instead of trying to overutilize labels.

There are other places where search can be beneficial like load rule assignments to tags.


Alerts, email notification and Slack integration

Status: New
Submitted by ivanmoya yesterday - last edited yesterday Submitted by Community Manager

Hi all,

In our company many users have access to Tealium, and we many publications in PROD enviroment, example for advertising campaigns, we would like to know if there is any alarm manager, email notification or integration with Slack.

We have several profiles, and each profile a Tealium Owner profile, it would be nice to be notified to check that there is no failure in PROD.

Our idea is get notification when any coworker publish in PROD enviroment, for example with Slack Integration shoulb be very cool.

Maybe now is possible, i Dont know.

For example we have an integration of JIRA with Slack and it is very productive.

Best Regards

Dublicate extension between profiles

Status: New
Submitted by rune_a Thursday - last edited Friday Submitted by Community Manager

A simple option to duplicate an extension to another profile(s).

This is not possible today  - and that is a strange limitation.
To prevent failures, the extension can just be disabled by default when duplicated to other profiles.

extension dublicate.png

multi-branch versioning

Status: New
Submitted by PhillipMarquez Thursday - last edited Friday Submitted by Community Manager

For TiQ:

Allow for multiple users to edit and save their work without impacting the work that others are doing as well as the current live versions for DEV/QA/PROD.

Google Tag Manager has a version of this which is very well done.  In short, a new workspace is created which is open for any editor to modify, but are not added to the main branch/trunk/workspace until published.  If a workspace is published, the other workspaces are prompted to update their workspace to bring them in line with what is live.  The only gripe is that only 3 workspaces are allowed (including main), which is usually enough for a small, but moderately active team, but can be a limting factor when there is a lot going on.  What makes this so good though is that its implementation is simple, intuitive, and easy to understand what is live, what is being worked on and merges without any fuss or complications.  It's so easy, a simple demonstration is enough to get someone on board with the concept and they never look back.

An added benefit is that this addresses the issue of having two people attempting to do edits in a profile at the same time.

Profile Overview Tab in TiQ

Status: New
Submitted by rune_a Thursday

TIQ is built around tabs (myIQ, Data Layer, Load Rules etc)

But profiles are only to be selected from a tiny dropdown list, with no added meta-data.

For me a optimal feature would be a "Profiles" tab, with columns of meta-data, as also shown under "myIQ". And option to group profiles by type, business unit etc. Columns can be many but should include tags, variables, extension, users, last publish (dev,qa,prod)

Case: We have +40 profiles today (with many still missing), and are planning to add +20 App profiles in the near future. We will probably end up with 75 to 100 profiles. We really need a easy overview with stat on usage, last publish etc. 

Based on current UI i have made a quick mockup. The UI element is already there in the other tabs.


Bundle tags with similar load rule into utag.js

Status: New
Submitted by ganesh_uppiniva yesterday - last edited yesterday Submitted by Community Manager

Currently all the tags with similar load rule fire as an independent tag. This approach increases the number of network request and is bad for page performance.



Like we have an setting to bundle all the tags with the "ALL PAGES" load rule into utag.js.

Bundle Tags with similar load rule into utag.js. This reduces the number of network calls made by the browser, potentially improving performance and page load times.

A pre-built extension for scroll-tracking

Status: New
Submitted by pmeyerdk Contributor Thursday - last edited Thursday Submitted by Community Manager


Please create a pre-built extension for scroll-tracking.

There are a lot of different JavaScripts available for custom implementation, if you want to do scroll-tracking through Tealium iQ.
Most of them have similar functionality, with very little variation in possible ways to track scroll activity.
You can of course develop your own, as I have done a couple of times.

But a built-in one would be way cool, for instance like the one in Google Tag Manager :-)

Best regards,
Peter Meyer

Automatic Profile Versioning as 1.2.3 (Prod.QA.Dev)

Status: New
Submitted by rune_a Friday - last edited Friday Submitted by Community Manager

A profile publish version today look like this : Version 2018.01.12.1434
This is just a timestamp - not a version in my opinion.

So we need a better and more logic versioning for profiles.

We have intrnal made our own simple and logic versioning, we use every time we update a profile.

It follows the simple logic > Prod.QA.Dev, as 1.2.3
Initial Dev publish is 0.0.1.
A QA Publish would be 0.1.0.
A New Dev publish would then be 0.1.1
A Prod publish is then 1.0.0

In this way is really easy to se what the latest publish have been, including enviroment.

But this is something i would prefare the tool to handle automatic. It look like this.

profile verison.png

Proper text editor for Javascript extensions

Status: In Development
Submitted by bjoern_koth a week ago - last edited a week ago Submitted by Community Manager

The title says it. The text editor is more or less useless.

13 lines of code visible, no resizing of the editor window

Some sort of distraction free text editor that spans most of the visual area would be great.

Status: In Development

Hello @bjoern_koth. Thank you for submitting this idea. It is already in development. We will notify you when this idea is delivered. 

Better UI for Mapping variables

Status: New
Submitted by rune_a Thursday - last edited Thursday

Today the actual UI for mapping datalayer to tag in TiQ seems as one of the weakest features. It's in a small modal, with no sorting options etc.

Optimal this was in a tab, with the option to show multiple tags at the same time, sort on columns, batch edit etc. This would provide a much better overview than today.

It can also be included in the Data Layer tab, where it already shown if a parameter is mapped to a tag, but it does not show the details. 

It would be great if tealium could develop an additonal product that realtime visualizes the customer journey customers take, and switches channels based on all interactions, events and timestamps. This would be the coolest thing ever.

This would make visible where there are opportunities to create new audiences and next best actions.

I believe the original term is customer journey mining, or customer journey analytics

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor customer journey mining

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor one engagement hub

Password Expire and User Change Log

Status: New
Submitted by philippe_uytten Thursday - last edited Thursday Submitted by Community Manager

Hello Tealium,

I am contacting you following questions from my Chief Security Officer. I posted them on the forum and got as a response that this was not possible. Thus I am bringing them as ideas of improvement :)

Two points :

  1. Would it be possible to make the password expire after X (i.e. 90) days? (that would make more sense when combined with the capability to prevent the password to match the last X as it is currently possible)
  2. It would be great to have a log somewhere of who created/assigned to profile/changed the rights for users?

Have a very great day !

Version history for Javascript extensions with diffs

Status: Being Considered
Submitted by bjoern_koth a week ago - last edited a week ago Submitted by Community Manager

In the JS editor, provide a version history that's able to highlight the diffs between the commits, comparable to Github

Status: Being Considered

@bjoern_koth Thanks for this. We are currently reviewing the JavaScript Code extension for enhancements.

Please develop a Management API

Status: Needs Info
Submitted by pmeyerdk Contributor a week ago - last edited a week ago Submitted by Community Manager

Will you, at some point, develop an iQ Management API?
By Management API I mean an API, which you can use for doing stuff like bulk-actions in Tealium iQ.

Examples of use:
- a script for creation of new profile(s) with pre-made, and setup, tags, variables and extensions
- a script, which makes it possible to copy content from one profile to another
- script based auto-generation of setup documentation for a selected profile or account

I have previously saved a lot of time using APIs like this, while working with Google Tag Manager, mainly for copying things from one profile to another, and auto-generation of documentation.

At Nordea, we would also like to develop functionality to more easily be able to compare our Tealium iQ setup, with that of our analytics and A/B testing software.
For that, we have the needed API functionality in the latter products, but lack it in Tealium iQ, since we don't want to be locked into using exports done through Tealium Custom Tools.

Best regards

Status: Needs Info

@pmeyerdk Thanks for this idea. Comments below:

- a script for creation of new profile(s) with pre-made, and setup, tags, variables and extensions

One solution to this is to create a "pre-made" profile as a library, then copy it to a new profile when you need it. Do you want a script to be able to create several profiles at once? Do you want the script to be able to programmatically add tags, variables, and extensions into those profiles?

- a script, which makes it possible to copy content from one profile to another

This will be reviewed.

- script based auto-generation of setup documentation for a selected profile or account

Can you provide more details about the documentation content that would be generated?

A more automatic way of exporting entire Tealium iQ setup?

Status: New
Submitted by pmeyerdk Contributor a week ago - last edited a week ago Submitted by Community Manager

Would you consider developing a more automatic way of exporting and importing entire iQ profile setups?

This would be a nice functionality to have, for instance for making local file backups, or better yet, in Git repositories.
I know it is possible to add an extra manual environment, or download versions manually, to get the files for backup purposes.

But a more automatic way of doing this, would be so much nicer :-)

A more automatic way of doing this, could also be a direct connection between Teailum iQ and a Git repository, so that Tealium iQ could push everything to Git, for instance at every publish.

Another thing would then be a way to import from a Git repository, to "restore" a backup.
A relevant restore destionation could be a new profile, but any should ideally be possible.

Best regards



Re-ordering of conditions within Load Rules

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by pmeyerdk Contributor a week ago - last edited Wednesday Submitted by Community Manager


From time to time, it is needed to re-arrange the order of lines set in Load Rules and Conditions.
At the moment I then just redo them, more or less from scratch.

It would be really nice to be able to re-order them, either by drag-and-drop or some sort of similar "up and down" functionality.

Best regards,

Status: Acknowledged

@pmeyerdk Title edited for clarity. Thanks for the idea.

Hi Tealium Team,

Can you please add a feature in Tealium which will allow us to Deactivate / Drop multiple LoadRules or TAGs or Extensions at the same time ?

Thanks & Regards,
Jay Ashar

It would be great if it was possible while creating an audience that you could select the values stored in the attributes.

For instance if i would create an audience using the lifetime browser type, and i would select it that i could select one of the browser values stored inside. And also directly see the filling level of the values.


( ) mobile safari 220.000

( ) chrome mobile 110.000

In case, if customer needs to add a custom tag with different settings (like an Access Token), would like to have a way to create "custom input fields" directly in a tag configuration to change values without going into Tag Template.


Lookup Table extension: allow conditions

Status: Under Review
Submitted by landin_gee on ‎11-22-2017 01:19 AM - last edited Wednesday Submitted by Community Manager

With our analytics tools, we have a ton of events that are set by conditions. Creating a javascript extension to manage all the events can be problematic in the long term. There are a few suggestions I could think of to address this:


1. (RECOMMENDED) Expand the Tealium Events Extension to be able to set our own events. As a bonus, being able to use Tag Loadrules or the ability to create a library of load rules for extensions would be awesome so there is consistency across multiple extensions.


2. Update the lookup table: 


Currently, the “Lookup Table” extension is similar to a switch statement, in that it:

  • reads a variable value
  • finds the output value via a defined lookup table
  • assigns output variable with the first match


We would like to have a variation of the lookup table extension such that:

  • The lookups are based on if a condition is true.  For example: ( == ‘aa’ || b.product == ‘qwer’)
  • There is an option to “append” to the output in the scenario that multiple conditions are met, with options such as using a delimiter or between values or appending values to a string array.    


Reasoning for this variation is that it provides an option to define outputs with more flexibility (i.e. without using raw code or multiple extensions for each variable to check for).  Below is an example of how the extension would be utilized with condition statements:




Status: Under Review

@landin_gee Adjusted the title for clarity. Adding conditions to the lookup table extension would be very helpful. That idea will be reviewed.

Please submit the other ideas separately to have them considered. Thank you.

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