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Our account rep sent over the documentation for the early access feature that allows GitHub integration with Javascript Code extensions. I think this is a great idea and the ideal target state for how we would like to manage our Javascript Code extensions. Problem is, that we self host our codebase using Bitbucket instead of Github, so I would love to see the same support built out of Bitbucket so that we could still leverage the awesome power of git version control for our Javascript code extensions without having to host that code on GitHub.

Tiered Account Structure and Profiles

Status: New
Submitted by sumi Thursday

We use Tealium on an enterprise level with multiple, different teams under one Tealium account. We would benefit greatly from having a “sub-group” or tiered account structure where we can have the different teams have their profiles under a sub-group or sub-account. 

As an enterprise user of Tealium I would like the account to have the possibility of tiers so that:

-        I can group profiles to their own unique group (see table)



                                                    ACCOUNT COMPANY LEVEL














-        When I download the profile reports, I can easily filter or separate group activity and usage per group level




We have some Data elements and Load Rules which are not linked to anything in library but are linked to tags in profiles which inherit this library.

It would be great to be able to see such connection - see attachmentGreenshot 2019-01-15 16.00.33.png

Greenshot 2019-01-15 15.58.55.png

Batch Delete Visitors with Visitor Lookup API

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by sumi on ‎10-25-2018 10:36 AM

Currently the Visitor Lookup only allows you to delete one visitor at a time which takes several seconds. Our use case is to delete visitors in the thousands. The current feature is not a usable when you have to delete multiple visitors.

Product idea: would be to extend that feature to batch delete multiple visitors in one request potentially via a CSV upload. 



Status: Acknowledged

Currently when a tag is copied, or is merged from a different verson, the tag's settings, mappings, and load rules will carry over to the newly created tag.  However, if the tag's template is modified, the template is not similarly carried over.  The current state makes it difficult to easily create new branches after production releases as the tags from the version which is merged in must have the template customizations re-added.  This is particularly noticable with the Custom Container tag, which is often one where the template is modified.

Status: Acknowledged

Tag Creation date and modified Date

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by vinayreddy on ‎12-20-2018 01:43 PM


I know in the current UI we don't have space to include any of the new columns. But, My Idea is to add Tag creation date and last modified date next to tag name. Atlease the creation is good. This gives an idea how long is the tag been active. This will really help ful in case of marketing tags. Most of the contracts will be one year/six months if we do the tag audit every year then we need to look for creation date manually and this has to be done for each single tag. If someone have 200 tags and need to do the audit then it sucks to go through all of them and check the version history when it is created. If we have this label included on the first glance we can caputre all the tags.


Status: Acknowledged

Security Feature Request : Subresource Integrity(SRI), Content Security Policy (CSP)

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by baraths84 ‎10-02-2018 08:58 PM - edited ‎10-02-2018 08:58 PM

Hi Tealium Team,

Currently tealium does not support important security feature called - Subresource Integrity (SRI) ,its a security feature that enables browsers to verify that files they fetch (for example, from a CDN) are delivered without unexpected manipulation. It works by allowing you to provide a cryptographic hash that a fetched file must match.

+ Content Security Policy (with SRI)

Though Tealium provides Checksum through its revesion API, which is not equivalent and does not help mitigate realtime.

Due to modern security attacks like #magecart on ecommerce websites. Its important to see this feature suporrted through Tealium Tag Management(IQ)

References :

Thank you



Status: Acknowledged

@baraths84 Thanks for this idea. 

Quite often we need to change tag templates to be able to run them with function.

Except that we don't really touch tag templates. It would be great to be able to add support for


directly from configuration menu (see attachment)2018-02-08 13_42_11-Tealium iQ - Tag Management.png

Status: Being Considered

Hello @daniel7. Congratulations, your idea has been moved to Being Considered. Thank you for the idea and keep them coming!

Improve version handling

Status: Acknowledged
Submitted by jenny_cahier on ‎12-10-2018 11:16 AM

Version handling is truly difficult to use. We are several people editing in our container although only a few with publish right. When we publish, we have to compare minified code in order to see the changes other people have made.

I suggest instead:

* A visual way of checking what has changed for every tag regarding load rules, mapping etc
* A text comparision tools for the javascript files (not minified though!)
* A better interface when showing versions (the sideways scrolling is impossible and offers no good way of dates)
* A better interface when picking files to diff against each other and actually all the functions that you can do in the sideway scrolling could be presented better.

I think Tealium needs to look at other tools, such as Google tag manager or perhaps Adobe tag manager, in order to take a note from their UX experience when it comes to version handling, and perhaps redo quite a lot of the interface here. Diffing minified code is just ... not ... that great.

Status: Acknowledged


We noticed that the ID's created by the Google cookie matching service tag are device ID's. So one user can have multiple ID's, instead of one. Because of that, we can't use these ID's for cross-device stitching and cross-device retargeting for our Google ads.

To tackle this issue we would like to be able to send multiple Google ID's to Google via Audience Stream. In Audience Stream we're able to capture all known Google ID's and create an array of these ID's. If we could send this array to Google our problem would be solved, and we could create cross-device audiences.

Status: Acknowledged

Publish Integration with Git/Github

Status: In Early Access (Beta)
Submitted by oaustegard on ‎01-18-2018 12:16 PM - last edited on ‎07-24-2018 01:12 PM Submitted by kathleen_jo

As a product owner, I enjoy the flexibility that Tealium provides, but do not like that the development and deployment proces bypasses all of our Software Development Best Practices. To aid in this I would like to be able to integrate Tealium directly with Github so that code is backed up, pull requests can be made, code can be reviewed, and tests written and executed, as with other JavaScript deployed on our web pages.

Add PreLoader & DOM Ready scopes to the Lookup Table extension

Status: New
Submitted by jay_ashar on ‎11-01-2018 09:18 AM

Currently the Lookup Table extension doesnt have the PreLoader and DOM Ready scopes and can be only scoped to specific TAGs or All TAGs. We have certain scenarios where we need to use this extension at PreLoader and DOM Ready event.

Sort Labels Alphabetically

Status: Under Review
Submitted by Tim-StarTribune on ‎07-25-2018 12:49 PM - last edited on ‎07-26-2018 10:24 AM Submitted by kathleen_jo

Hello! A simple idea I have is to have labels sorted alphabetically. We have probably over 300 extensions and it is a real pain whenever we have to tag a new extension with the correct label. 



Status: Under Review

@Tim-StarTribune Happy to report that this is now Under Review.

It would be nice to be able to see within AudienceStream attributes which audiences they are being utilized in. 

This would help with clean up efforts when attributes are outdated and no longer being used in active audiences. 

It would save time by not having to into each audience and clicking though the attributes that are being used and try to trace back to each attribute one at a time. 

Status: Acknowledged

Export Vendors report from the dashboard

Status: New
Submitted by vinayreddy a month ago - last edited a month ago


Can we have export vendor names with status from the Tealium IQ  dashboard. Current custom tool will export the tags with status but each vendor can have mutilple tags. If we wanted to know how many different vendors are used then it's some work needed in the download sheet to get the count and status. Since, We have vendor names displayed on the dashboard can we directly export them with the status(Active/Inactive).


The current implemetation of the Adwords COnversion and remarketing tag does not support the calls from site conversion.

Implementation is currently a little tricky (yet to find a solution).



Status: Acknowledged

Hi Tealium

Currently when profiles are inherited following library updates, the extention order is not maintained in teh child profiles. 

This means the user has to go through each child profile and re-order those extentions (annoying enough to do once, imagine x20+ - ahh the joy of multi-site) 

Can you fix this so that the extention order is maintained when profile is inherited. 



Status: Being Considered

@GavinAttard Thanks for this idea. We expect this to be addressed in the upcoming UI changes to iQ. Stay tuned!

Duplicate extension between profiles

Status: Accepted
Submitted by rune_a on ‎01-11-2018 03:22 AM - last edited on ‎01-17-2018 10:12 AM Submitted by Community Manager

A simple option to duplicate an extension to another profile(s).

This is not possible today  - and that is a strange limitation.
To prevent failures, the extension can just be disabled by default when duplicated to other profiles.

extension dublicate.png

Status: Accepted

Hello @rune_a. OMG you are on a roll this week. Another card being worked on. Congratulations! We've moved this to Accepted. Keep the ideas coming!

Better UI for Mapping variables in separate Tab

Status: Being Considered
Submitted by rune_a ‎01-11-2018 03:16 AM - edited ‎01-18-2018 03:57 AM

Today the actual UI for mapping datalayer to tag in TiQ seems as one of the weakest features. It's in a small modal, with no sorting options etc.


Optimal this was in a tab, with the option to show multiple tags at the same time, sort on columns, batch edit etc. This would provide a much better overview than today.

(Quick mock based on exsisting UI)


It can also be included in the Data Layer tab, where it already shown if a parameter is mapped to a tag, but it does not show the details. 

Status: Being Considered

Love this idea @rune_a. And it looks like I am not the only one. I have moved this idea to Being Considered

Add Conditions section in the Javascript Code type extension scoped to PreLoader.

We have a lot of PreLoader extensions which are app/page specific so it would be great to have the condition section for the Javacript code type extensions which are scoped to PreLoaders

Status: Archived

@jay_ashar Thanks for the request. Unfortunately, this cannot be done since the data layer (b object) isn't available yet at the time of PreLoader. Perhaps using the Execution of "Before Load Rules" for some of your extensions might work for your use cases.

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