Exciting TLC News: We're Adding a New Feature, Just for You

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TLC Blog InfographicTLC members, we have an awesome new community feature that we think you will love: we are introducing a TLC Blog! (insert confetti here)

For our inaugral post, we wanted to give you the heads up and have a space where you could share your feedback, ideas for posts, and more. You can even comment below, just like you would in a forum discussion.

Another key in rolling out this community blog is to give our members some clear ideas on what you can expect from the content you will find here.

We plan on providing you with the absolute best technical content, that will help you troubleshoot any issues you may be working through. We would love for you to submit your own "how-to" that can be shared as a blog post in the community. It's great exposure for you and your company, and the bonus is the peer to peer knowledge sharing that helps out fellow community members.

If you would like an article you've written to be considered for posting in the community, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. Keep blog post content specific to your personal experience with Tealium products. If you have a doc you started while implementing TiQ, or a unique way AudienceStream has helped your data flow, we want to hear about things like that.
  2. Use English when writing, as it's the universal language within the community. If English is your second language, don't worry! We are happy to help tweak a little verbiage as needed.
  3. Submit original content (not already posted elsewhere) and ensure your article is at least 350 words or longer. 

Myself and other Tealium team members will use the TLC blog to post tips about best utilizing the community and the documentation within the community. We are looking forward to publishing all kinds of nuggets that help make TLC and Tealium products more simple to use. Of course we hope us getting more engaged will inspire more of our community members to, also.

On behalf of the whole TLC team, we are thrilled to take you on this new journey with us! And of course, please feel free to reach out with questions by leaving a note here, or sending a note to community@tealium.com.

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