How Do You Rank in the Tealium Learning Center?

Community Manager
Community Manager

We love to recognize community members who display their Tealium product prowess! As your participation within TLC increases, so does your rank. Go from a Rookie Contributor to a seasoned Gold Contributor by joining discussions and showcasing your expertise. 

About the Rank Structure

Ranks reflect a user's status within the community. New community members start as Rookie Contributors. As you engage with members through posts, kudos, replies, and accepted solutions, you will improve your rank up to Bronze, Silver and Gold. The ultimate rank is Tealium Expert, which grants you access to the exclusive Tealium Experts Sanctuary. Learn more below:


This rank lets other community members know you’ve arrived! Seize opportunities to network and increase your rank by engaging with other Tealium product users.


Join discussions aligned with your interests and product knowledge, and step up to this rank. You’ll leverage the powerful insights of other Tealium users to get your questions answered, and contribute to discussions as well.


As you visit and interact in the TLC more, you will stand out as a recognized community member at this rank. We encourage members to leverage this rank’s prestige, as fellow users see your participation and stellar feedback for their product questions.


At this rank, other community members are used to seeing your username and avatar all over the discussion forums and leaderboards. Continue on this path of consistent contributions, and you’ll soon reap the rewards of becoming an Expert!


Experts receive a free sandbox account in the product, early access to new features, and entry to an exclusive forum for Experts only. The Tealium team continues to add to the perks our Experts receive and are excited to have even more members achieve this rank!


Drop a comment below with your thoughts or questions, and stay tuned for updates on community badges, too!