How to Get Community Support and Give Feedback

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You may have noticed the General Forum, but wondered how it's used. Today’s TLC Tip is a quick overview of that forum to help put a spotlight on an area that we think you'll find useful. We know that there are many channels you can use for feedback, so here are some guidelines for when to use this one.

When to Use the General Forum

  • Questions about how to use TLC
  • If you are having a hard time finding a resource within TLC, or need direction on where to get started, please start a thread and a community manager will help direct you on next steps.
  • Feedback on product design or functionality
  • While we strive to keep the TLC in great shape, you may come across something that seems like a bug or a design flaw, and we are happy to collect that type of feedback here. Make sure to include the browser you are using and any relevant screenshots.
  • Discussions about Tealium initiatives 
  • Occasionally we will start a thread about a specific initiative that we want your opinion about. Topics could include anything from Digital Velocity sessions to the kinds of blog posts you want to see. Keep your eye out for fun discussions like this.
  • General questions
  • If you are unsure which discussion forum to post your question in, we invite you to post it in our General forum. We keep a close eye on the activity here and will move your post if necessary, so it can get the right exposure and a better chance of being answered.

What To Do Next

We recommend that you subscribe to the General forum by clicking here, then clicking the Follow button. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know by posting your question in the General forum. We hope this TLC Tip will come in handy for you!

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