How to Get Tealium Product Certified

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We, as the greater Tealium Education Training team, frequently get questions regarding our certification process. Questions such as:

  • “Where do I go to take my exams?”
  • “What should I review in preparation for taking the exams?”
  • “If I fail, do I get more opportunities?”
  • “How long is my certification good for?”
  • “Do I get a training account to work in?"

I will say that, while the path to certification is (intentionally) a challenge, our team is here to help you along the way by providing top notch training and helpful resources along the way.

In-Person Training

In general, we suggest that active users of the Tealium Customer Data Hub attend a training - either virtually or in-person (when safe to do so). Our talented team of trainers are here to help you get the most out of the Tealium platform with real-life use cases and examples to best harness the power of all of our product suite.

Learning is a meandering path and we are excellent at teaching to all skill levels and types of learners. Whether you know absolutely nothing about any of our products all the way up to the user that has been comfortably setting up use cases and worked within the platform for years, attending a training is a good way to ramp up quickly or to sharpen your skills with the latest and greatest within each tool.

The Tealium Education team provides a few different training options. The preferred option is for in-person training. We offer regional trainings in various cities across the world when travel is less restricted and/or private sessions for groups of 5 or more people from the same company. In these sessions, attendees will receive comprehensive, hands-on product training and learn best practices on how to use Tealium’s market-leading solutions to drive marketing effectiveness and ROI.

For more information, check out our Classroom Training section for more information. Our standard agendas can be found within our Training Calendar page. While sessions are not free, If you are interested in joining training, reach out to your account manager, partner manager, or Tealium contact, and they can set you on the path. To attend a training, you should be a Tealium client or working with a partner agency or vendor to receive the most benefit from the training. We recommend going through a training session as needs arise, but the best time is usually right at the completion of your team’s initial implementation.

In the current Covid-19 climate, the Education team has switched to fully remote delivery of our trainings. We provide the basics, you take your learning further. Our agendas align to the same material as our Classroom training sessions, but at a much more expedited pace. In these sessions, you will receive guided instruction on the ins and outs of the platforms, but are expected to further your own self-training with a series of labs and exercises given as homework between and post-sessions. Individual sessions are three hours long, but expected time to be spent in training and on the homework can be up to around 8 hours with two sessions and their subsequent homework.

Online Training

expand your knowledge post-training, there are video courses available to watch within our Tealium Education Online for further practice on building use cases and/or using parts of the interfaces of iQ, AudienceStream, or EventStream. These videos will definitely help in preparation for the certification exams as they will get you more familiar with the products and what their capabilities are.

Additional helpful resources in preparation for the exam are the Tealium Learning Center product guides and articles. There are no specific prerequisites for taking the exams, but the training, the video guides, and the Product Guides will be the best review for the exams. Once you have built your skills and knowledge of the product, take the certification exams. If you have attended any of our trainings before, our team will have provided you instructions on how to proceed. If you have not attended a training, but think you know your stuff and are a client or partner of Tealium’s, send us an email at to get the guidance steps.

You’re probably thinking you can come right in, set the world on fire, and pass the exams without studying just like you did in college, right? Do your due diligence - attend a training, learn and further research the product because it will be worth it in the end. Our certification process has three levels for those seeking Tealium iQ Certification with a basic, advanced, and technical path. Tealium iQ certification is completion of all three of these levels. The Tealium AudienceStream Certification path contains a basic and advanced exam, as well as putting your skills to the test with a hands-on practical exam graded by our team. Once all three of those levels have been completed, you would now be AudienceStream certified. We encourage you to start sooner rather than later as our exam processes will be changing dramatically in late 2020.

In order to pass each exam, you must achieve a percentage score of 80% or higher. If you score lower than that, you will be able to retake the exam after a period of 7 days. Certifications are valid for one year, and are automatically re-assigned to be taken again and you will need to progress back through the certification levels within the Tealium Education Online tool. While our certification process is going to be going through an update, the tips and the initial process will still be relevant until around September.

Helpful Tips for Completing the Exam

  • DO take your time and read each question carefully before answering, but remember you only have 40 minutes in total.
  • DO review all of your answers before submitting.
  • DO use your notes from training.
  • DO use all of the documentation in the Tealium Learning Center.
  • DO use the Tealium iQ application.
  • DON'T collaborate with teammates or colleagues.
  • DON'T ask for answers to exam questions in the Tealium Learning Center or any other forum.

With quarantines and home confinement, now is a nice opportunity to put your skills to the test. We on the Tealium Education team are working hard to deliver you top notch training, even better content and training materials, and a challenging, rewarding product certification.

That’s it! If you have questions, feel free to reach us at

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