How to Manage Your Subscriptions in the Tealium Learning Center

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Hi TLC members! It’s Kristen, your Community Manager and closest confidant in getting tips to utilize the resources here. I am excited to tell you that I will be doing regular blog posts that show you how to make your experience more easy and impactful in the community. Today, let’s talk subscriptions.

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How to Access Your Subscription Settings

To access your subscription and notification preferences, you will navigate to the top right corner and select the drop down arrow by your username. Then, select My subscriptions. Once selected, you will see several tabs which I will describe further down in this post.

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In order to subscribe to a discussion board, you will navigate to the board (Tealium iQ, for example) and select the gear icon in the top right corner, then select Subscribe.


Alternatively, you can subscribe to a forum by clicking the Follow button on the forum page.


How to Bookmark a Forum, Blog, or Product Guide

This option is great if you'd like to save community items without receiving email notifications.


My Subscriptions, My Bookmarks, and My Notifications

The "My Subscriptions" tab shows which discussion forums, blogs, and product guides you are subscribed to. Bookmarks work almost entirely like subscriptions, except that there is no notification attached to them. The "My Notifications" tab is where you manage how email notifications will be sent to you. You can select the delivery of emails to be sent immediately, in a daily digest, or in a weekly digest. You may want immediate emails when someone kudos your post, but only a daily digest for new topics started in a forum. This is where you would make those selections. You can also choose whether or not your emails are sent in plain ext or HTML.

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Additional Info

If you have any issues when setting up your subscription preferences, please visit the community FAQ page. I’d be happy to help, as well! You can post a comment here or email

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