How to Search for Information in the Tealium Learning Center

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The Tealium Learning Center contains an endless supply of information to help you. Whether you're looking for an answer to your specific question, referencing the product guides, or want to get the latest from the blog or ideas area, your first interaction with TLC will most likely be the search feature. The TLC has a powerful search engine with several filter options available, so here are some tips to help you search more effectively.

In this blog post, we will cover the following topics:

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How do I search for information?

To begin searching for information, enter your term(s) in the search field and click the orange search button. Once the page of search results are displayed, you can perform a more in-depth search. Learn more about filtering search results below.

How does auto-suggest work?

Auto-suggest accelerates your search by displaying results as you type search terms. As you begin typing your question or term into the search bar, the top suggested results will be displayed automatically. Select a result to jump straight to that article or hit Enter (or click the orange search button) to see all the results on the search page.

To turn auto-suggest on, click Turn on suggestions below the search entry area.

To turn auto-suggest off, click Turn off suggestions in the auto-suggest list.

How do I filter search results?

On the search results page there are several options to assist in filtering down to what you need. Here are the options for filtering the search results:

  • Location: the specific area of the TLC to search in
  • Author: the username or rank of the author
  • Date: the time period of the post
  • Metadata: items with an accepted solution or a kudo
  • Type of Post: the specific type of post, such as forum, blog, Product Ideas, or documentation
  • Contains: items with images or attachments
  • Advanced: filter by topics or specific posts

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Use the “Author” filter not only to search for specific members, but also to easily find posts by Tealium employees or Experts.

How do I search for posts?

You can search for posts and knowledge base articles at any level of the community. When you type a search term, the system automatically searches at the current level. For example, if you're on the community home page, the system searches the entire community. If you're looking at a forum or blog page, the system searches that forum or blog.

Use the search context menu to select what content to search: the entire site, documentation, or users.

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  • This board: allows a search in our documentation that will only provide results for the product area which you are already in.
  • Current area: search only within the community page you are on, for example, search the TLC Blog only.

Once you complete the search by clicking the orange search button, you will see the filtering options as described above.

We hope this helps improve your search experience on TLC! Often times the answer to your question is already here, it's just a matter of finding it. If you can't find what you need, we welcome you to start a new discussion. Happy searching! And let us know if you have questions or feedback.

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