How to Submit a Great Product Idea

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Community Manager

Here at Tealium we love hearing about ideas for improving our products and services. In fact, we love it so much that we have a dedicated forum where you can submit your own product ideas, and the community can vote on their favorites.

How It Works

  • Go to the new Product Ideas forum.
  • Submit an idea by clicking Submit New Idea.
  • Include as much detail as possible when submitting your idea.
    (The more detail provided the more likely it is to be voted up and/or accepted by the product team.)
  • Encourage your fellow community members to vote for your idea.
  • Ideas will progress through many statuses as they are submitted, evaluated, considered, and released.
  • Your idea will be reviewed by the product team and the status will be updated.

Tips for Awesome Ideas

Context and Details

Give as much context around your idea as possible. Here are some things to consider when you submit an idea:

  • Explain your role and the type of work you do.
  • Describe the scenarios you typically work in.
  • Identify the current challenge.
  • Explain how your idea solves this problem.
  • Describe the primary goal of your idea.
  • List the benefits of your idea.
  • Use diagrams, screenshots, and mock-ups to visualize your idea.
  • Share examples of other tools that do something similar to your idea.
  • Compare and contrast the current functionality to how your proposed idea works.
  • Use data to quantify the impact of your idea.

Objective Evaluation

You might come up with many ideas while using Tealium products. It can help to evaluate each idea using the same criteria so that each one can be compared objectively and consistently to the others.

Consider the following when evaluating your idea:

  • Impact: What impact will your idea have, not only to you, but to other users of the product?
    Use these guidelines:
    • Low Impact - a nice to have
    • Medium Impact - a welcome addition
    • High Impact - a need to have
    • Epic Impact - life changing
  • Reach: How many users and work flow scenarios will your idea affect? Is it an edge case for a niche market or a does it address a fundamental process that affects all users?
    Use these guidelines:
    • Rare - affects a few specific users
    • Occasional - affects some users
    • Regular - affects many users
    • Unavoidable - affects everyone

Status Definitions

As ideas are created and evaluated, their progress through the evaluation process can be tracked using the following statuses:

Status Description
New Default status for all new ideas.
Needs Info The idea needs more information to be considered.
Acknowledged The product team has read the idea and will wait for it to gain more votes.
Being Considered The idea has gained sufficient support to be considered. The top ideas will make it to this status and will continue to gather votes.
Under Review The idea has proved to be popular and is being reviewed internally to determine the next status.
Accepted The idea has been accepted by the product team, but has not been added to the schedule.
In Development The idea has been added to the development schedule. Release date is to be determined.
In Experiments (Beta) The idea has been delivered as an experiment that can be enabled. General access release is to be determined.
Delivered The idea has been delivered and is available in the product now.
Already Exists The idea is already available in the product.
Not Accepted The idea was determined not to fit our product roadmap.
Viable Workaround A viable workaround exists to accomplish something similar to the idea.
Maybe Later The idea is still being considered, but will not be scheduled in the near term.
Archived The idea has not received enough activity (comments/votes) to remain active.


Do I need to drive support for my idea(s)?
Yes. In fact, we encourage idea submitters to drive votes and comments to their ideas. This lets us know what the community finds important and what it doesn’t.

How do I increase the chances that my idea will be accepted?
Search first! Don't waste time submitting a duplicate idea. Also, add as much detail as possible to your idea. The more detail it has the more of a chance it has to be voted on and then accepted.

How do I vote for an idea?
Click the orange heart  (heart-open.png) to vote for that idea. The total number of votes for that idea are displayed next to the heart.

How soon can I expect my idea to be implemented?
That depends on the idea. If it is an epic feature it could be some time before the feature is released. If it’s a minor enhancement, we will try to get your idea out the door sooner. 

Do I have to select a label when I submit an idea?
Yes. Labels help us organize the ideas into categories. It also helps you find previously submitted ideas on the subject. Use the "Miscellaneous" label if you cannot find a label that matches your idea.

Ready to submit your idea to Tealium? Go to Product Ideas to get started!

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