How to Update Your Tealium Learning Center Profile

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Hello TLC members, today we have another community tip for you! We hope you enjoyed our previous post on subscriptions. In this blog post we show how to update your profile.

How to Access Your Profile

To access your profile, at the top right of the screen select the username drop-down and click My profile.

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Information You’ll Find in Your Profile

A quick look at the top of your profile will show your avatar, how many discussion posts you’ve made, kudos you’ve given and received, and how many of your answers were marked as solutions. Scrolling down the page will give more information on the badges you’ve gotten and discussions you’ve participated in. You will also see a list of the users whom you’ve given kudos, and those who’ve given them to you.

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Edit Your Profile Information

You can edit your avatar in the “My profile” area, but the majority of the information you will want to edit is accessed via “My settings”. To access your settings, click the username drop-down and select My settings.

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Personal Preferences

Once you you are in your settings, you will see tab options, with the first being personal preferences. Here you are able to update your email address, and more importantly, you can add a biography and signature. We suggest taking advantage of this so that your fellow community members can get to know you and your expertise better. Additionally, you can document IM screen names and close your account here.

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Visiting this tab is helpful if you are looking customize your time zone, language, or general display of the community. There are also options to adjust the privacy of your profile information, and how kudos and your private messenger are displayed.

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Avatar Preferences

You have the option to choose an avatar from a preset collection, or upload your own photo. In a virtual world this makes a big difference in building community. Part of becoming a thought leader or Expert in this community is being recognizable, so please upload your headshot or a photo that represents you.

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Hovering Over Your Username

Use this method to see a snapshot of how many solutions, posts, and kudos you’ve contributed. You’ll also see badges and a quick link to view your profile. This is a great way to get to know other users, too. By hovering over their usernames you can easily get to their full profile, or even send a message.

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If you have any questions about your profile information, or run into any trouble when updating it, please contact me and I can help. You can post a comment here, or email

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