TLC Tiny Tip: Forums vs Q&A

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In TLC we offer two types of discussion formats: forum and Q&A (question and answer). This blog is about these formats and how to use each.

About Forums

A forum is a conversation about a topic. You can reply to a forum post to add to the discussion. A forum topic is displayed in chronological order with the most recent reply at the bottom. A forum topic does not necessarily have a solution.

We currently offer the following forums: iQ Tag Management, EventStream, AudienceStream and DataAccess

About Q&A

A Q&A board is the starting point for getting an answer to a specific question. A Q&A post is a question about a specific issue or challenge. The goal of a Q&A post is to find the best answer. You can reply to a Q&A post in two ways: with an answer or with a comment. The best answer will be marked as the accepted solution and is displayed directly under the original question. All other answers are displayed below.

We currently offer the following Q&A areas: Developer Questions

Open vs. Resolved Questions

Open questions have not been answered yet with an accepted solution. Once an answer is provided and marked as an accepted solution, the question becomes resolved and is listed under the Resolved tab.

Comments vs. Answers

There are two ways to reply to a Q&A topics: answers and comments. Use a comment when you need to clarify the original question, get additional information, or have a suggestion for the author. Use an answer when you have a full solution to the original question.

Applying Labels to Questions

Labels are predefined terms that help categorize topics. A label is required for each new question posted. Labels are available for relevant topics within the Q&A board, for example: "android", "ios", "javascript", and "event tracking".

Browsing by Label

Applying labels to helps to categorize the posted questions. When questions are categorized by label, they are easier for members to search or browse based on their topic of interest.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or post a comment below!

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