Tealium Hackathon: Game of Codes Winners

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Tealium hosted 51 of San Diego's most ambitious coders over the past weekend for a friendly competition and some stellar networking! After sessions with some of our in-house technical experts, attendees were set free to plan, design, code and impress the judges with their presentations.

Our judges evaluated each team project on the following scoring criteria:

  • Creativity - Freshness of idea, Innovation
  • Depth of Platform Usage  - 1 point for each Feature/Source
  • Collaboration of Team - Did the team work together well? Were they on the same page in regards to concept?
  • Presentation of Concept- Charisma, Clarity, Communication. Was there a "why" driving their idea? 
  • Working Product- Did it function as planned? Could they demo a working product?
  • Project Cleanliness/Sophistication- How did the UI look? Was the project overly simple? Unclear? Bugs?

Here are the highlights of the solutions from the three teams who took home prizes.

1st Place: The Da Vinci Coders

The 1st place award was given to The Da Vinci Coders, whose mission statement was "transparency on visitor data collection". This team set out to use Tealium to give users access to non-technical, readable data about the information a company collects about the consumer. This tool featured an interactive modal with graphs and statistic generated from the data collected for the user and options to download the data, update consent preferences for specific data points, and delete their profile entirely. A secondary feature was a live data feed widget to display the updated data known about a user as they navigated and interacted with the website.

  • Unique Features: team spent time wireframing before build and leveraged Tealium Deployment (extensions), download option. The tool was implemented entirely through Tealium iQ, with no required changes to the source code of the website.
  • Tech Stack: JavaScript/HTML/CSS, Postman, Chrome
  • Tealium Components: Visitor Lookup API, DataAccess, Mock Data API

Congratulations to the first place winners!

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2nd Place: MapVertize

The 2nd place award was given to team MapVertize, who created a way to visualize product/user density over time to help distribute resources to appropriate locations. This application displays a map with gradient based location indicators showing the volume of events received for any given timeframe for a specific location. The interface provides features for updating the location being viewed and the timeframe being evaluated, including a slider feature which allows users to watch the location indicators dynamically appear, grow and shrink through the passing of time.

  • Unique Features: geolocation and time data used
  • Tech Stack: React, Google Maps
  • Tealium Components: Mock Profile API

Congratulations to the 2nd place team!

Team MapVertize.png

3rd Place: The Average Joes

We awarded 3rd place to The Average Joes, who gave us a clear understanding of their teamwork and roles while creating usable data for customers. Their aim was to create data driven decisions by easily visualizing KPIs. The Average Joes application shows charts and graphs of data averages across a population for any attributes configured within AudienceStream and also allows you to compare the dataset averages directly to an individual with interface controls for filtering and sorting.

  • Unique Features: compares stats of an individual against the aggregate audience
  • Tech Stack: Plotly/D3, SVG, JS, GIT
  • Tealium Components: Mock Data API

We had a blast hosting and learning alongside the Game of Codes attendees and hope to see even more coders and designers come out for our next hackathon. Stay tuned for future events with the Tealium team!

Special thanks to product experts and all who volunteered to present, coach, and support at the Hackathon.

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