Tealium Wins 2020 Khoros Community Award

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Community Manager

Khoros-Kudos-Tealium.jpgTealium is excited to announce that we recently won the 2020 Khoros Community award in the category of All-Ways Connected.  We flexed our own integration muscles to show how using Tealium on Tealium can improve the customer experience.

That's right, you're reading this post on an award-winning community site. But maybe you knew that because you remembered that TLC won an award in 2018. This year Khoros, the community platform behind TLC, gave awards to community sites that demonstrated excellence in different categories.  This year we won the category called All-Ways Connected!

What is All-Ways Connected?

This category recognizes a community that is successfully integrating Khoros to strategically align people, processes, and technology to connect with their customers in all ways.

This category was made for Tealium. With over 1,000 vendors in our integrations marketplace , we were in the perfect position to showcase how we use our own product on our own site.  Each of the integrations highlighted in our winning entry takes advantage of our own Tealium Customer Data Hub account.

Tealium on Tealium

Our integration with Khoros starts with an implementation of Tealium iQ Tag Management. TLC has a solid data layer and extensive event tracking in place. This allows events to flow into Tealium EventStream where real-time connector actions send messages to Slack to keep our internal teams alerted to events on TLC. Then we use Tealium AudienceStream to create audiences that trigger data flow to our Marketo instance to help onboard new community members.

Award Showcase

Khoros has been a great platform for TLC and we're humbled to have been chosen as the winner in a category that means so much to us. Please enjoy this showcase of our award and a brief message from our rockstar Senior Community Manager, Kristen Meren.

Khoros Kudos - All-Ways Connected Winner - Tealium

None of this could be possible without you, our amazing Tealium community members. Your passion for Tealium and contributions to TLC are what keep us going each day, so thank you!

For more information, check out our winning entry and the full list of submissions to the 2020 Khoros Kudos Awards.

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