The Nice List is Deterministic

Tealium Employee

At this time of year, thoughts turn to The List

Everyone’s on it, no one is missed.

Your whole year laid out, with all your behaviour,
If you started off bad, then good deeds could save ya

Whether naughty or nice, let’s be realistic

Santas list wouldn’t work if it was probabilistic.

That’s device fingerprinting and screen resolution,

Location to show nearest great institution,


Using statistical modeling - personas implied,

Working out what was done, and what things were tried.
All useful data, but the List needs to say “Who”
Otherwise how will Santa know quite what to do?

“Someone in Paris, who has lots of horses,

Raised lots of money for charity causes,
We know this because of device metadata

We just don’t know who.. We’ll have to guess later?

Someone in Belgium with this IP address,
might have been bad, and caused some distress.
We know they were there. And what WiFi was near..

We just can’t be sure who.. It just isn’t clear”

You need certainty when you’re building The List,

And Identities need to be sure, and not missed.

That’s why Tealium uses deterministic IDs

For visitor stitching, it’s the solution, you see.

We still can store all the ‘probably’ data

And things that might become relevant later

But “Email”, “phone number”, “user ID”,
something specific that relates to just me.
That’s what we match on, that’s just the thing

To super power your market.. ing.

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