Three Tips to Get Answers More Quickly

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This TLC Tip provides a few tricks to help navigate the community's robust resources for a speedy answer. Simply searching or asking your question in the right spot can increase the likelihood of getting an answer, and fast! Here are three ways to help you find what you need quickly.

Tip 1: Start with a Search

The TLC forums contain a long history of questions from fellow Tealium product users, so it's likely that a question (and answer) that matches your inquiry already exists. Prior to posting a new question, try entering a few keywords related to your issue  into the search bar to see if anyone else has posted something similar. If there is a search result that fits your needs and also has a green checkmark next to it, that means your question has an accepted solution, as shown below.


If you try several times with variations of terms and still don’t come up with a result, it might be time to post your question in the forums. In the meantime, read our in-depth guide to searching the TLC for what you need: How to Search for Information in the Tealium Learning Center.

Tip 2: Location is Key

The Tealium Learning Center has several forums for asking questions. Choosing the best forum for your question is important . Here’s a quick guideline for the types of questions that belong in each forum.

  • Tealium iQ Tag Management - Questions related to the iQ Tag Management product interface and the fundamental concepts of tag management. Everything from configuring vendor tags and extensions to managing profile libraries and adjusting publish settings to optimize page performance is discussed here.
  • EventStream, AudienceStream, and DataAccess - Discussions related to the server-side product interfaces, such as setting up omnichannel file imports, configuring vendor connectors, using Trace to validate your setup, or just general digital strategy.
  • Developers - Discuss the technical details of installing and implementing Tealium on your website or mobile app. You'll probably learn something new about JavaScript, Java, or Swift in this forum.
  • General Discussion - All other questions, whether it's about training, certification, or TLC in general, are welcome here.

Tip 3: Choose the Proper Channel

Sometimes asking a question in the forums is not the quickest path to getting an answer. In this case, you might use one of the Tealium Learning Center’s other resources to get the information you need. Here are the common places our users visit to get the latest updates.

  • Announcements - This board contains monthly release notes and product feature releases. If you are looking for information on a new feature or release, this is the place to start for answers. Go to Announcements and click the Follow button so you don’t miss updates.
  • Documentation Feedback - TLC has an area where you can provide feedback on documentation. If you see something in our Product Guides that isn't quite right, scroll to the bottom and use the feedback form to let us know. These notes go straight to the TLC team.
  • Experiments - If you’d like to see what features are in pre-release and experimental phases, go to Experiments for the latest. You can even leave feedback for our Product team.
  • Product Ideas - You may come up with a feature enhancement that would make your workflow a lot simpler. Search Product Ideas to see if other users have already contributed a similar idea, or create your own. 
  • Log a Support Ticket - If you’ve exhausted your options in the community, or need to report a bug, it might be time to log a support ticket. Submit a support ticket at

Hopefully this TLC Tip will help you navigate the community’s resources and get the answers you need faster. We encourage you to get a hold of us if you have any questions, and as always, you can leave a comment here or email community@tealium.comwith any additional comments and thoughts.

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