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Google Universal Analytics is being phased out in favor of Google Analytics 4. On  March 16th 2022, Google shocked the industry with an announcement that Google will sunset their Universal Analytics product on July 1st 2023. Universal Analytics 360 customers will have an additional three months to complete their migration, with that product being sunset on October 1st 2023.


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Have you ever sat down to write something, or draw something and find yourself just staring at the empty page trying to force inspiration into being just by sheer will? I call it “Empty piece of paper syndrome” - it’s like the blankness is somehow contagious and gets into your head making everything seem foggy. It can be like this when it comes to thinking about data too, if there’s nothing to look at, it’s hard to think of what could be there.


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At this time of year, thoughts turn to The List

Everyone’s on it, no one is missed. 

Your whole year laid out, with all your behaviour,

If you started off bad, then good deeds could save ya



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When we talk about audiences in Tealium, we’re not talking about a theatre full of people watching the same movie. We actually mean more like “target audience”. According to Wikipedia,A target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message catered specifically to said intended audience.”


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It is possible within Tealium iQ to add a javascript extension to get the battery status from the browser, much like it is within the mobile SDKs. This is a relatively easy custom extension that adds battery status (i.e. charging or not), percentage of charge and the time until the battery is flat to the data layer, for use within other tags or to send to the CDH.


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We had an interesting experience with GraalVM, Isolates, Quarkus and related technologies; we feel obliged to share issues found, and different pitfalls. We have managed to implement a service which can execute client functions written in JS, with memory/timeout restrictions. Our application is being launched in native image mode which adds to the overall complexity. This is the story of the Tealium team’s adventures, the most interesting tasks, and the issues solved.


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As ad blockers gain in popularity, so do the number of work-arounds and the number of questions from Tealium customers about how this affects their installation. In this post I cover the popular ad blockers, how websites are reacting, and most importantly, how Tealium is affected by all of this.


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The Tealium community is thrilled to shine its Expert Spotlight on @mitchellt! Mitchell is a Manager of Digital Analytics at ACTIVE Network, and our longest standing Tealium Expert. Keep reading below to get to know Mitchell better. 


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Khoros-Kudos-Tealium.jpgTealium is excited to announce that we recently won the 2020 Khoros Community award in the category of All-Ways Connected.  We flexed our integration muscles to show how using Tealium on Tealium can improve the customer experience.


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