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You may have noticed the General forum, but wondered how it's used. Today’s TLC Tip is a quick overview of that forum to help put a spotlight on an area that we think you'll find useful. We know that there are many channels you can use for feedback, so here are some guidelines for when to use this one.


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Today we want to shine our Tealium Expert Spotlight on Gavin Attard! Gavin was recently hand-selected to join the Expert group for his stellar reputation over the past 18 months he's been a community member. Keep reading below to learn more about Gavin.


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In my previous blog post, I covered how businesses use third-party cookies to identify users as they move across web sites. This practice is now being challenged by ITP 2.1 in Safari and by similar approaches in other browsers. I discussed two different workarounds that some vendors are using to combat the problem. But each workaround still has limitations, and this post is an overview of some other solutions we have seen our customers implement to maintain visitor identification for their website users.