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Tealium hosted 51 of San Diego's most ambitious coders this past weekend for a friendly competition and some stellar networking! After sessions with some of our in-house technical experts, attendees were set free to code and impress the judges with their presentations.


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I've written a few posts on the topic of Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) updates in the Safari web browser. Probably the most significant impact from these updates is ITP's restrictions around client-side cookies, specifically, that client-side cookies expire after seven (7) days.


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The Tealium Learning Center contains an endless supply of information to help you. Whether you're looking for an answer to your specific question, referencing the product guides, or want to get the latest from the blog or ideas area, your first interaction with TLC will most likely be the search feature. The TLC has a powerful search engine with several filter options available, so here are some tips to help you search more effectively.


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