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When we talk about audiences in Tealium, we’re not talking about a theatre full of people watching the same movie. We actually mean more like “target audience”. According to Wikipedia,A target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message catered specifically to said intended audience.”


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It is possible within Tealium iQ to add a javascript extension to get the battery status from the browser, much like it is within the mobile SDKs. This is a relatively easy custom extension that adds battery status (i.e. charging or not), percentage of charge and the time until the battery is flat to the data layer, for use within other tags or to send to the CDH.


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We had an interesting experience with GraalVM, Isolates, Quarkus and related technologies; we feel obliged to share issues found, and different pitfalls. We have managed to implement a service which can execute client functions written in JS, with memory/timeout restrictions. Our application is being launched in native image mode which adds to the overall complexity. This is the story of the Tealium team’s adventures, the most interesting tasks, and the issues solved.


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Khoros-Kudos-Tealium.jpgTealium is excited to announce that we recently won the 2020 Khoros Community award in the category of All-Ways Connected.  We flexed our integration muscles to show how using Tealium on Tealium can improve the customer experience.


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Tealium provides an HTTP API endpoint for collecting event data from any location.  This means that you can collect data from events that happen in your app or, in the case of Alexa, events that happen in a cloud provider. This example shows an AWS Lambda function used for an Alexa skill that tracks usage of that Alexa skill.  Alexa developer tools allow you to create the Lambda function without the traditional AWS setup and permissions.


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We, as the greater Tealium Education Training team, frequently get questions regarding our certification process. I will say that, while the path to certification is (intentionally) a challenge, our team is here to help you along the way by providing top notch training and helpful resources along the way. In this post, learn how to become Tealium Product certified.


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It’s June! Six months into a year that feels like it has seen brighter days. As always, the Tealium Recruiting team is moving forward - we’ve made several key hires with more on the way and making progress on various initiatives slated for 2020. Nevertheless, it has been impossible to ignore the collective fear and uncertainty we all face in the time of Covid-19.


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These days there's no shortage of privacy and security issues to concern yourself with, and there's good reason for it. While the vast majority of online systems are secure, there's always a risk that one component in a system will get compromised. The way websites are built these days, with hundreds of components, many third-party JavaScript libraries have become ubiquitous and used by millions of sites. This is a great convenience to developers of websites, but it's also an attractive target for the "bad guys" that want to hack your site. 


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Tealium is a data hub platform that processes events at a large scale. We've seen tremendous growth in the amount of incoming customer data, where a single account might receive up to 30k events per second. Each of those events is then processed through a real-time data pipeline that requires a massive event driven system. This has forced us to evaluate which message broker platform will serve us best in the long-term: RabbitMQ or Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK).


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