This document describes how you implement and update the Adobe Visitor API & Test and Target modules when loading through utag.sync.js


  1. Add/Replace the new/existing Visitor API module obtained from Adobe with the new code.

  2. Add/Retain the following portion directly under Visitor API module:
    window.visitor = Visitor.getInstance("xxxxx", 
    {trackingServer: "",
    trackingServerSecure: "", 
    marketingCloudServer: "", 
    marketingCloudServerSecure: ""});

  3. Add/Replace the new at.js library obtained from Adobe. This will go directly under the above portion of code as the Adobe Visitor API must run before Adobe Test and Target.

It is recommended to get the most recent library from Adobe when placing in utag.sync, however, the Visitor API can be found within the Adobe Experience Cloud ID Marketplace tag and at.js can be found within the Adobe Target Marketplace tag. Read for more information on accessing tag templates.

updating visitor api and test and target.png

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