A tag is not firing when calling The file for the specific tag loads (utag.#.js), but the actual pixel does not fire.


By default many tags are only configured to respond to calls to utag.view(). This behavior is controlled in the tag template and can be modified to suit your requirements.


In order to check if this is causing the issue, edit your tag template and check the u.ev object definition. This object determines which type of call is enabled for the tag. If 'link' is not defined, just edit the template and add it. It should look like this:
 u.ev={'view':1, 'link':1};
With this modification, be aware that when calls are executed, the tag will load according to its load rules.
If this is not your issue and the link call is already enabled for your tag, it might be a broken utag JavaScript code causing this issue. Check your console log to see if there are JavaScript errors.
For more information see Debugging and utag.view
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