The Version Template allows you to save changes to the tag template between published versions. The Version Template takes higher precedence over the profile template meaning that when the profile is published the contents of the Version Template will be applied, when present, over the contents of the Profile Template. Create and make changes to the version template by clicking Save Version Template in the tag template window. Once you create a version template, all subsequent profile versions will also have a version template.

It is recommended that when you add a Version Template to add a message in the Notes section of the Tag Configuration. This helps further development when needing to make adjustments or upgrade the tag. 


  1. You have the ability to test a template change without overwriting the profile template.
  2. You can save older versions of templates as you create new states in iQ. 
  3. You may revert to a previous version of the template when using Version Templates.


Version templates do not work in a library. Profiles will only inherit the contents of the Profile Version from tags in a Library. 

For more information see Managing Tag Templates.

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