Returns the deployable corpus of published Tag files for the target environment.

NOTE: This endpoint needs to be activated in your Tealium iQ account before you can use it. Please contact your Tealium account manager.

Resource URL

GET[account]/[profile]/revisions/[revision ID]/[target]


Path Parameters (REQUIRED) Description
[account] Name of the Tealium iQ account
[profile] Name of the profile in the account
[revision ID] Timestamp of the revision


Publish environment where the revision is published. This can be 'dev', 'qa', 'prod', or custom.


CSRF token
Example: utk=65489FDSTJGF549870FSH



Request Header

Header Field Name Description Example value
Accept  MIME type of the body of the GET request application/octet-stream
JSESSION cookie Cookie for sending jsession ID, i.e. the unique session identifier JSESSIONID=415072043799098022

Example Request


Example Response

Returns all the requested files for the Status 200 OK. The bundle is available as a compressed '.zip' file.

The binary archive contains the following files:

  • utag.js - the main loader file
  • utag.x.js - the Tag files. (x is the numerical identifier, like utag.1.js)
  • utag.sync.js - (optional) the synchronous loader file
  • mobile.html - (optional) mobile library configuration
    manifest.json - this json file contains the same information described in the Get Revision Details endpoint minus the Sha256 of the Bundle.


Error Messages

Status 400 Not Found error occurs when the call fails. You can expect to see the following error message.

“returnCode” : 1270,
  “message” : “The revision bundle requested is not the latest”